This is an index of multi-channel surround sound recordings reviewed on this site.  On this list all disks are SACD multi-channel recordings except for those identified as DVDA (DVD Audio multi-channel). To read the reviews/commentaries, click on the title. SACD two- and three-channel recordings are listed in the regular CD index.


"A CAPPELLA PLEASURES" (Austrian/Slovenian folk songs)
ADAMS: Absolute Jest (San Frfancisco SO/Thomas)_
ADAMS: Fearful Symmetries/Chairman Dances (Norrlands SO/K.Jarvi)
ADAMS: Grand Pianola Music (San Francisco SO/Adams)
ALLENDE-BLIN: Organ music (Zacher)
ANDERSON: Light Orch. works (Utah SO/Abravanel) (DVD Audio)
ADÈS: Asyla (BPO/Rattle)
AMDAHL: Astrognosia / Aesops Fables (*Orch/Bergby)
ANTILL: Corroboree Ballet Suite (London SO/Goossens)
ASTRAND: Various percussion works (Astrand)
ATTERBERG: Symphonies 1 and 5 (Gothenberg SO/Järvi)
ATTERBERG: Symphonies 2 and 8 (Gothenburg SO/J. Järvi)
ATTERBERG: Symphonies 4 and 6/Varmland (Gothenbirg SO/Järvi)
ATTERBERG: Symphonies 7 and 9 (Gothenburg O/Järvi)
AUBER: Overtures (DSO/Paray) (3 track)
C.P.E. BACH: Oboe arrangements (Utkin, o/Hermitage O)
BACH: The Art of the Fugue (ASMF/Marriner)
BACH: The Art of the Fugue (New Century Saxophone Quartet
BACH: Cantaas 1, 82 and 148 (Montreal Baroque/Milnes)
BACH: Brandenburg Concertos (Academy of Ancient Music/Richard Egarr)
BACH: Brandenburg Concertos (St. James Ens/Pini) (DVDA)
BACH: Brandenburg Concertos (Los Angeles PO/Zukerman)
BACH: Brandenburg Concertos (ECO/Somary)
BACH: Goldberg Variations (Jory Vinikour, hps)
BACH: Mass in B minor (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Müller-Brühl)
BACH: Six Motets (Netherlands Kamerkoor/Fijkstra)
BACH: Six violin concertos (Stuttgart CO) (DVDA)
BACH: Keyboard concertos (Hewitt/Australian CO/Tognetti)
BACH: Concertos (Garati, hps/Gazzelloni, fl/Accardo, v/I Musici)
BACH: Mezzo arias (Kirschlager/Venice Baroque O/Marcon)
BACH: Oboe arrangements (Utkin, o/Hermitage Orch)
BACH: Organ Music (Chorzempa)
BACH: Organ Music (Koopman)(DVDA)
BACH: Orchestral Suites (Boston Baroque/Pearlman)
BACH: Magnificat/other works (AAM/Cleobury) (DVDA)
BACH: Magnificat (Boston Baroque/Pearlman)
BACH: Organ Mass (Munich Bach Choir/Albrecht, organ/conductor)
BACH: Partita No 2. (Schilde)
BACH: Sinfonias from Cantatas (Holliger, oboe/ECO)
BACH: Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord (Hobarth/Kakkinen)
BACH: Suites/music arr. for guitar (Eskelinen)
BACH: Music arr. for GuitaR (Eskelinen)
BACH: Sonatas for Transverse Flute (Holtslag)
BACH: Cello Suites/sonatas (Starker) (3 track)
BACH-SCHUMANN: St. John Passion (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Max)
BACH: Toccatas and Fugues (Biggs, organist)
BACH: Trio sonatas/other works (Palladian Ensemble)
BACH: Keyboard music (Hewitt, p)
J.C.BACH: Oboe concertos (Holliger, ECO)
BALIKEREV: Islamy (Kirov O/Gergiev)
"BALLET FAVORITES" (Cin. Pops O/Kunzel)
"Baltic Voices 2" (Estonian Phil Chamber Choir/Hillier)
BANTOCK: Omar Khayyám (Soloists/Chorus/BBC Orch/Handley)
BARBER: Adagio for Strings (Pitts SO/Honeck)
BARBER: Piano Concerto (Wang/RSNO/Oundjian)
BARBER: Violin Concerto (Kun/English SO/Boughton)
BARBER: Organ Music (Innig)
BARBER: Toccata Festiva (Latry/PO/Eschenbach)
BARBER: Toccata Festiva (Weir/ECO/Leppard)
BARTOK: Bluebeard's Castle (Budapest FO/Fischer)
BARTOK: Concerto for Orchestra (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
BARTÓK: Concerto for Orchestra (NYP/Boulez)
BARTOK: Concerto for Orchestra (PO/Eschenbach)
BARTOK: Concerto for Orchestra (RCOA/Jansons)
BARTOK: Concerto for Orchestra (Hungarian NPO/Kocsis)
BARTOK: Violin Concertos (Steinbacher/SRO/Janowski)
BARTOK: Dance Suite (Bournemouth SO/Alsop)
BARTOK: Dance Suite (Hungarian NPO/Kocsis)
BARTOK: Divertimento (Scottish CO/Mackerras)
BARTOK: Divertimento (Netherlands CO/Nicolic)
BARTOK: Hungarian Peasant Songs (Hungarian NPO/Kocsis)
BARTOK: Hungarian Pictures (Bournemouth SO/Alsop)
BARTOK: Miraculous Mandarin (Bournemouth SO/Alsop)
BARTÓK: Miraculous Mandarin (NYP/Boulez)
BARTOK: Miraculous Mandarin Suite (LAPO/Salonen)
BARTOK: Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste (RCOA/Jansons)
BARTOK: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste (Scottish CO/Mackerras)
BECK: Symphonies (Ens/Schneider)
BEEKMAN "200 Years of German Organ Music"
BEETHOVEN: Christ on the Mount of Olives (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Nagano)
BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Lazic/Bonn O/Beissel)
BEETHOVEN: Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 4 (Kovacevich/BBC/Davis)
BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5 (Eschenbach/Boston SO.Ozawa)
BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D (Grumiaux/RCOA/Davis)
BEETHOVEN: Leonore Overture No. 2 (Hanover Band/Huggett)
BEETHOVEN: Octet, Op. 103 (Camerata Freden)
BEETHOVEN: Piano Trios Nos. 2 & 5 (Storioni Trio)
BEETHOVEN: Quartet Op. 18 No. 1/Op. 130 (Cremona Quartet)
BEETHOVEN: Quartets Nos. 3, 5 and 16 (Hagen Quartet)
BEETHOVEN: Quartets Op. 59 No. 1/Op. 18 No. 6 (Quartetto Italiano)
BEETHOVEN: Quartets Op. 18 No 5/Op. 130 (Cremona Quartet)
BEETHOVEN: Septet, Op. 20 (Camerata Freden) (DVD Audio)
BEETHOVEN: Sonatas, Op. 2 (Kodama)
BEETHOVEN: Piano sonata No. 8 (Dichter)
BEETHOVEN: Sonata No. 15 (Korstick)
BEETHOVEN: Piano sonatas 21, 23 and 26 (Kodama)
BEETHOVEN: Piano sonatas Op. 31 (Kodama) (ImbergeIm
BEETHOVEN: Piano sonatas 30, 31, 32 (Pizarro)
BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonatas Nos. 9 and 10 ((Imberge/Korstick)
BEETHOVEN: Violin sonatas 1, 2, 3 and 8 (Irnberger/Kortstick)
BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonatas 1, 2, 3 and 8 (Irnberger/Korstick)
BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonatas Nos. 4 and 5 (Irnberger/Korstick)
BEETHOVEN: Missa Solemnis (Soloists/Czech Choir/O/Soustrot)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies (BPO/Abbado/live) (DVD Video)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies (Leipzig Gewandhaus Orch/Masur)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 1 in C (BBC SO/ Davis)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 1 (LSO/Kubelik)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies (Soloists/Hague Residentie O/Van Sweden)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 1 and 2 (Polish CPO/Rajski)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 1 (BBC PO/Davis)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 2 (LSO/Haitink)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 2 (RCOA/Jansons)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 (LSO/Haitink)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 3 (Minnesota O/Vanska)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 4 (Israel PO/Kubelik)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 4 and 5 (Minnesota O/Vanska)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 3, 5, 6 (PPO/Boult) (DVD Audio)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 1 and 3 (Royal Flemish P/Herreweght)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 3 and 8 (Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie O/Järvi)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 (BBC SO/Davis)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 (RCOA/Jansons)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 (Hanover Band/Huggett)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 5 and 6 (Polish CPO/Rajski)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 5 and 7 (Pittsburgh SO/Honeck)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 (VPO/C.Kleiber)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 4 and 7 (Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie O/Järvi)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 6 (Hanover Band/Goodman)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 6 (LSO/Haitink)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 6 (New Jersey SO/Macal)(DVDA)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 7 (VPO/C.Kleiber)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 8 (Minnesota O/Vanska)
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies 7 and 8 (Polish CO/Rajski)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 (Berlin PO/Chorus/Karajan)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 (Soloists/Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 (Soloists/Chorus/Polish O/ Rajski)
BEETHOVEN: Music for Cello and Piano (Wispelwey/Lazic)
EMMA BELL sings German lieder
BEETHOVEN: Variations, Op. 34 & Op. 35 (Korstick)
BELLINI: Arias (Renée Feming)
BELLINI: Arias (Juan Diego Florez)
BENITUS: Wolf Tracks (Clinton/Russian NO/Nagano)
BENNETT: Choral Works (Cambridge Singers/Rutter)
BENNETT: The Mines of Sulphur (Glimmerglass Opera)
BERKELEY, L: Symphony No. 4 (BBC Wales O/Hickox)
BERKELEY, M: Garden of Earthly Delights/Cello Concerto (Wales O/Hickox)
BERLIOZ: Benvenuto Cellini (Soloists/Chorus/LSO/Davis)
BERLIOZ: Childhood of Christ (Soloists/LSO/Chorus/Davis)
BERLIOZ: Fantastic Symphony (Argovia O/Bostock)
BERLIOZ: Fantastic Symphony (RCOA/Davis)
BERLIOZ: Fantastic Symphony (RCOA/Jansons)
BERLIOZ: Fantastic Symphony (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
BERLIOZ: Requiem (Utah SO/Chorus/Abravanel)
BERLIOZ: Requiem (Choruses/LSO/C. Davis)
BERLIOZ: Requiem (Atlanta SO/Chorus/Spano)
BERLIOZ: Reverie and Caprice (Suwanai/PO/Dutoit)
BERLIOZ: Love Scene from Romeo & Juliet (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
BERMEL: Dust Dances, Elixir, Voices, Thracian Echos (Bermel, cl/Boston MO/Rose)
BERNSTEIN: Lamentation from Symphony No. 1 (Atlanta SO/Spano
BERNSTEIN: Mass (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/K. Järvi)
BERNSTEIN: Serenade (Bell, v/Philharmonia O/Zinman)
BERNSTEIN: Various works (Bell, v/Philharmonia O/Zinman)
BIBER: Orch. works (Ars Antique Austria)
BIBER: Battle Music etc. (Amsterdam Ens/de Vriend)
BIBER: Rosary Sonatas (Podger, v)
BIBER: Rosary Sonatas (Daskalakis, v)
BIZET: Piano music (Blanchard)
BLISS: Morning Heroes/Hymn to Apollo (Chorus/BBC Orch/A. Davis)

BLOCH: Violin Sonata (Tarara, v/Vakova-Tara, p)
"BOLIVIAN BAROQUE" (Florilegiium)
BOCCHERINI: Quintetto No. 4/Quintettino in D (Concert des Nationa/Savall)
BOELLMANN: Suite Gothique (IntlBrass/Lehnen)
BORODIN: In the Steppes of Central Asia (St.Louis SO/Slatkin)
BORODIN: Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor (LSO/Dorati)
BOSSI:: Intermezzi Goldoniani (I Musici)
BONIP-JORGENSEN: Piano Music (Kaltoft)
BRAHMS: Academic Festival Overture (LPO/Alsop)
BRAHMS: Academic Festival Overture/Alto Rhapsody (Naef/Netherlands RSO/Vonk)
BRAHMS: Double Concerto (Fischer/Müller-Schott/NPO/Kreizberg)
BRAHMS: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Dichter/Leipzig GO/Masur)
BRAHMS: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Dichter/Leipzig GO/Masur)
BRAHMS: Violin Concerto (Fischer/NPO/Kreizberg)
BRAHMS: German Requiem (Chorus/Orch/Herreweghe) s
BRAHMS: Piano quartets (Trampler/Beaux Arts)
BRAHMS: String Quartets (Auryn Quartet)
BRAHMS: Horn Trio in E flat (Grumiaux/Orbal/Sebok)
BRAHMS: Clarinet Quintet (Steffens/Ens)
BRAHMNS: Piano music (Kempff)
BRAHMS: Piano Quintet in F Minor (Stevens/Ives SQ)
BRAHMS: Serenades 1 & 2 (Leipzig Gewandhaus O/Masur)
BRAHMS: Clarinet Sonatas 1 and 2 (Campbell/Meyer)
BRAHMS: Cello Sonata in D, Op. 78 (Wispelwey, c/Giacometti, p)(SACD)
BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1 (Pittsburgh SO/Janowski)
BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1 (RCOA/Jansons)
BRAHMS: Symphony No. 2 (RCOA/Jansons)
BRAHMS: Symphonies 2 and 3 (Utah SO/Abravanel)
BRAHMS: Symphonies 2 and 3 (Pittsburgh SO/Janowski)
BRAHMS: Symphony No. 4/8 Hungarian Dances (Pittsburgh SO/Janowski)
BRAHMS: Tragic Overture (LPO/Alsop)
BRAHMS: Trio, Op. 114 (Campbell/Renzi/Raciot)
BRAHMS: Piano Trios 1 and 2 (Storioni Trio)
BRAHMS: Variations on a Theme by Haydn (DVDA) (Utah SO/Abravanel)

BRAHMS: Variations on a Theme by Haydn (Pittsburgh SO/Jankowski)
BRAHMS-SCHÖNBERG: Piano Quartet, Op. 25 (Netherlands PO/Albrechtg)
"BRAZIL" (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet)
BREINER: Songs and Dances from The Silk Road (NZSO/Judd)
BRINKMAN:(Baroque g cello recital)
BRITTEN: Folksong Arrangements (Davislim, ten/Young, p)
BRITTEN: Phantasy, Op. 2 (Wakao/Ens)
BRITTEN: Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes (NYP/Bernstein)
BRITTEN: Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
BRITTEN: Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes (Montreal O/Nézet-Ségun)
BRITTEN: Sinfonia da Requiem (LSO/Hickox)
BRITTEN: Sinfonia da Requiem (Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
BRITTEN: Cello Sonata, Op. 65 (Wispelwey/Lazic)
BRITTEN: Prince of the Pagodas suite (BBC SO/Slatkin)
BRITTEN: Variations on a Theme by Bridge (Netherlands CO/Nicolic)
BRITTEN: War Requiem (Soloists C/O/Hickox)
BRITTEN: Young Person's Guide to the Orch. (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
BRUBECK: Choral/Orch. works
BRUCH: Scottish Fantasyt feng.Deutsches O/Yang)
C. BRUBECK: Prague Concerto/River of Song/Convergence
BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Braunstein, v/Orch/Marin)
BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Grumiaux/Philharjmonia O/Wallberg)
BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Midori/BPO/Jansons)
BRUCK: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Steinbacher/ O/Foster)
BRUCH: Violin Concerto No. 2/In Memoriam/Konzertsdtucke) (Ulmann/KamuO
BRUCH: Scottish Fantasy (Braunstein,m v/Orch/Marin)
BRUCH: Scottish Fantasy (Grumiaux/Philharmonia O/Wallberg)
BRUCKNER: Massa in F Minor (Soloists/Chorus/Suisse RO/Jurowski
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 1 (Suisse RO/Jurowski)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3 (Suisse RO/Jurowski)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3 (Berlin RSO/Nagano)
BRUCKNER: Symphonies 3 and 4 (RCOA/Jansons)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4 (Pittsburgh SO/Honeck)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4 (Suisse RO/Jurowski)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4 (original version) (Berlin RSO/Nagano)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3 (Bamberg SO/Nott)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3 (Hamburg PO/Young)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 5 (VPO/Harnoncourt)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 5 (Hamburg PO/Young)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 5 (Philharmonia O/Zander)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7 (Chicago SO/Haitink)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7 (Suisse RO/Jurowski)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7 (Vienna SO/Kreizberg)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7 (Montreal O/Nézet-Ségun)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7 (Saito Kinen O/Ozawa)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 7 (Hamburg PO/Young)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 8 (RCOA/Haitink)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 (VPO/Harnoncourt
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 8 (Suisse RO/Jurowqski) )
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 (Suisse RO/Janowski)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 (Orch/Nezet-Seguin)
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 (Hamburg PO/Young)
BRÜMMER: Computer-generated music
BRYAN, KATHERINE Music for flute and orchestra
BUTTERWORTH: Orchestral/vocal works (BBC Wales O/Russman)
BUTTERWORTH: The Banks of Green Willow (LSO/Hickox)
BUXTEHUDE: Organ works, Vol. 4 (Bryndorf)
JOSEPH CALLEJA (tenor) arias
"Carmina Burana" (Medieval Songs) (Clemencic Consort)
CARPENTER: New York City Sessions
CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO: Guitar Concerto (Yepes/Orch/Navara)
CHABRIER: Orchestral works (Suisse RO/Järvi)
CHABRIER: Orchestral music (Detroit SO/Paray)
CHABRIER: Piano Music (Hewitt)
"Chant Wars" (Sequentia/Dialogos)
CHARPENTIER: Choral works (Les Arts Florissants/Christie)
CHAUSSON: Symphony in B flat (SRO/Janowski)
CHEN: Concerto for Percussion & Chinese Orch (Glennie/Orch)
CHERUBINI: Requiem in C minor (Boston Baroque/Pearlman )
CHESKY: Concertos for piano and bassoon (Derwinger/Kuuskmann/Noorlands O/Gergov)
CHESKY: Concerto for Orchestra (Noorlands O/;Gergov)
CHESKY: Violin/Flute conceertos (Soloists/Area 31/Aibel)
CHESKY: The Girl from Guatemala (Kim/Area 31/Aibel)
CHOPIN: Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (Chen/Gulbenkian O/Foster)
CHOPIN: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Kern/Warsaw PO/Wit)
CHOPIN: Etudes, Op. 10/piano music (Freire)
CHOPIN: Preludes, Op. 28 (Arrau)
CHOPIN: Sonatas 2 and 4 (Pizarro)
CHOPIN: Piano Music (Yundi Li)
CHOPIN: Piano music (Pizarro)
"Music for Compline" (Stile Antico)
COPLAND: Billy the Kid/Appalachian Spring/Rodeo/Salon Mexico (NYP/Bernstein)
COPLAND: Piano Concerto (Wang/RSNO/Oundjian)
"Classics at the Pops" (Cincinnati Pops O/Kunzel)
CHAUSSON: Poeme (Suwanai/PO/Dutoit)
COPLAND: Appalachian Spring/Fanfare/Rodeo Suite (English SO/Boughton)
CORELLI: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6 (Orch/Murphy)
CORIGLIANO: Suite from The Red Violin (St. John/RPO/Ioannides)
CORIGLIANO: Suite from The Red Violin (Turovskyk/Musici di MontrealTurovsky)
CORIGLIANO: Symphony No. 2 (Musici de Montreal/Turovsky)
COUPERIN: Les Nations (Florilegium)
COUPERIN: Works for Viola da Gamba (van der Velden/Wilson)
CROCKETT: Blue Earth (Boston Modern OI/Rose)
CRUMB: Cello Sonata (Wispelwey)
D'ALBERT: Septet (Ens/Epsamder Quartet)
DAMASE: Horn Concerto/Horn Rhapsody (Jacks/Orch/Tuckwell)
DAVIES: An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise (Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
DAVIES: Symphony No. 10 (LSO/Pappano)
DEAN: Orchestral Music (Swedish CO/Dean)
DEBUSSY: various orchestral transcriptions (Quebec SO/Talmi)
DEBUSSY: Le martyre de Saint Sebastien (Beethovenhalle O/Soustrot)
DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Montreal O/Nézet-Ségun)
DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Beethovenhalle O/Soustrot)
DEBUSSY: Iberia from Images (Cincinnati SO/Lopez-Cobos)
DEBUSSY: La Mer (RCOA/Jansons)
DEBUSSY: La Mer (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
DEBUSSY: La Mer (Montreal O/Nézet-Ségun)
DEBUSSY: Nocturnes (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
DEBUSSY: String Quartet (Parkanyi Quartet)
DEL TREDICI: Paul Revere's Ride (Plitmann, sop/Atlanta Chorus & SO/Spano)
DE MANCHICOURT: Requiem/Motets (Choir/Ho)
DONIZETTI: Arias (Juan Diego Florez)
DONIZETTI: Arias (Renee Fleming)
DUPRE: Organ Music (Murray, o)
DUPRE: Organ Symphony No. 2 (Frank)
DURUFLE: Requiem (Gents)
DUTILLEUX: L'Arbre des songes (Sitkovetsky, v/RCOA/Jansons)
DUTTILEUX: Piano Sonata (Stott)
DVORAK: Czech Suite (Scottish CO/Swensen)
DVORAK: Cello Concerto (Maisky/BPO/Mehta)
DVORQAK: Cello Concerto (MOSER/Orch/Hrusa)
DVORAK: Cello Concerto ( Queyras/Prague O/Belohlavek)
DVORAK: Piano Concerto (Giacometti/APO/Tilkin)
DVORAK: Violin Concerto (Swensen/Scottish CO)
DVORAK: Cypresses (Prazak Quartet)
DVORAK: The Golden Spinning Wheel (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: The Jakobin (Wexford Opera)
DVORAK-HONECK: Suite fromRusalka (PittsSO/Honeck)
DVORAK: The Noon Witch (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORÁK: Overtures/Hussite (Prague O/Husa)
DVORAK: Quartet No. 11 (Prazak Quartet)
DVORAK: Quartet in F American (RPO/Rosenkrans)
DVORAK: Serenade for Strings (Rotterdam CO/Alphen)
DVORAK: Slavonic Dances (Budapest Festival O/Fischer)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 6 (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 7 (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: Symphonies 7 and 8 (Houston SO/Orozco-Estrada)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 8 (Budapest FO/Fischer)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 8 (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (Houston SO/Orozco-Estrada)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (Budapest FO/Fischer)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (RCOA/Jansons)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (Netherlands POA/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (RCOA/Harnoncourt)
DVORAK: The Water Goblin (RCOA/Harnoncourt) (DVDA)
DVORAK: The Water Goblin (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: The Wild Dove (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
DVORAK: Trio No. 4 (Queyras Ens)
EFFINGER: Little Symphony (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
EGGERT: Number 9 VI (RCOA/Stenz)
ELFMAN: Serenada Schizophrana (Orch/Mauceri)
ELGAR: Cockaigne Overture (English SO/Boughton)
ELGAR: Violin concerto (Hahn/LSO/Davis)
ELGAR: Enigma Variations (English SO/Boughton)
ELGAR: Enigma Variations (LSO/Davis)
ELGAR: Enigma Variations (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
ELGAR: Froissart/Pomp & Circumstance Marches (English SO/Boughton)
ELGAR: The Starlight Express (Soloists/Orch/Amndrew Davis)
ELGAR: Introduction & Allegro (LSO/Davis)
ELGAR: Serenade for Strings (Rotterdam CO/Alphen)
ELGAR-PAYNE: Symphony No. 3 (Bournemouth SO/Daniel) DVDA)
ERSKINE: Various works (Concerto Caledonia)
EYBLER: Symphonies 1 & 2 (Geneve O/Hofstetter)
FAGERLUND: Nomade (Al†staedt, c/Orch/Lintu)
FALLA: El Amor Brujo (Nafe/Asturias SO/Valdes)
FALLA: Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Colom/GrenadaSO/Pons)
FALLA: Three Cornered Hat (GrenadaSO/Pons)
FALLA: Three Cornered Hat (Asturias SO/Valdes)
FAURE: Pelleas and Melisande Suite (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
FAURE: Requiem/Mass (Sloists/Chorus/Orch/Herreweghe)
FAURE: Sonata No. 1 (Ma, c; Stott, p)
"THE FLORAL DANCE": - PETER DAWSON (Yurisich/O/Lloyd-Jones)
"FLOS VIRGINUM" (Stimmwerck)cl)
FLOYD: Wuthering Heights (Florentine Opera)
FOSS: The Prairie (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Clark)
FOULDS: A World Requiem (Soloists/choruses/BBC SO/Botstein)
FRANCCAIX: Bassoon Concerto/Divertissement (Racz/O/Klumpp)
FRANCK: Grande Piece symphonique (Murray, o)
FRANCK: Chorales/Organ works (Latry)
M. FRANCK: Penetiantial Psalms 1615 (Ens./Cordes)
FRANCK:  Sonata in A (Wispelwey, c/Giacometti, p)
FRANCK: Sonata in A (Ma, c/Stott, p)
FRANCK: Symphony in D Minor (Houston SO/Comnissiona (DVDA)
FRANCK: Symphony in D minor (SRO/Janowski)
"From the Isles to the Courts" (Ens. Galilei)
GADE: Orchestral works (Odense SO/Aeschbaecher)
'THE GALANT BASSOON'' (Wilkie, bassoon)
GANDOLFI: Garden of Cosmic Speculation (AtlantaSO/Spano)
GANG-ZHANHAO: Butterfly Lovers Concerto (Nishizaki/NZSO/Judd)
GARNER: Songs (various singers/Pankonin, p)
GEIST: Organ music (Flamme)
GEMINIANI: Two Concerti Grossi (Boston Baroque/Pearlman)
"Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal"
GERSHWIN: Music for violin/ens (Eschkenazy)
GERSHWIN: Catfish Row/American in Paris/Cuban Overture (St. Louis SO/Slatkin)
GERSHWIN: Rhapsody inBlue/Piano Concerto (Camilo/Barcelona SO/Martinez)
GERSHWIN: Piano Concerto/Rhapsody in Blue (Nakamatsu/RPO/Tyzik)
GERSHWIN: Rhapsody in Blue ) (Siegel/St. Louis SO/Slatkin)
GERSHWIN: Piano Concerto (Roge/VRSO/Billy)
GERSHWIN: Piano Concerto (Wang/RSNO/Oundjian)
GERSHWIN: Porgy and Bess (excerpts) (Soloists/Chorus/PO/Alsop)
GETTY: Choral Works (Chorus/Orch/Thomas/Vedernikov)
GETTYL Piano music (Tao)
GETTY: Joan and the Bells (Soloists/Chorus/Russian NO/Vedernikov)
GILLIS: The Alamo/Portrait of a Frontier Town (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GETTY: The Little Match Girl _(Soioists/Chorus/Orch/Fischer/Schirmer)
GETTY: Plump Jack (Soloists/Chgorus/Orch/Schirmer)
GILLIS: Rhapsody for Harp, Encore Concerto, Rhapsody for Trumpet (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GILLIS: Symphony No. 7 (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GILLIS: Symphonies 1, 2 and 5 (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GILLIS: Symphonies 3 & 10 (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GILLIS: Tulsa (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GINASTERA: Panambi/Estancia Ballet Suites (LSO/Goossens)
GIULIANI: Guitar Concerto No. 1 (Romero/ASMF/Marriner)
GLANERT: Theatrum bestiarium (WDR O/Bychkov)
GLANERT: Theatrum bestiarium (RCOA/Stenz)
GLAZUNOV: Violin Concerto (Fischer/RNO/Kreizberg)
GLAZUNOV: Violin Concerto (Gluzman/Bergen O/Litton)
GLIERE: Symphony No. 3 (LSO/Botstein)
GOLDSMITH: Christus Apollo/Orch. works (LSO/Goldsmith)
GOLDSMITH: Film Music (LSO/Goldsmith)
GLASS: Koyaanisqatsi (Ens/Reisman) (DV)DA
YINJIA GONGH (tenor arias)
GORECKI: Symphony No. 3/Canticum Graduum (Varsovia O/Altinogluy)
GOOSSENS: Phantasy Concerto/Symphony No. 1 (Shelley, p/Melbourne SO/Hickox)
GOULD: Cowboy Rhapsody (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
GRAINGER: Choral music (Chorus/Orchestra/Andrew Davis)
GRAINGER: The Warriors (Philharmonia O/Gardiner)
GRAINGER: The Warriors/other works (Melbourne SO/Simon)
"GREAT COMEDY OVERTURES" (Royal Scottish PO/Friedel)
"GREAT FILM FANTASIES" (Cincinnati Pops O/Kunzel)
GREENBERG: Symphony No. 5/Quintet (LSO/Serebrier/Juilliard Q)
GRIEG: Orchestral Music (Bergen RSO.
GRECHANINOV: Passion Week (Choruses/Bruffy)
GRIEG: Piano Concerto (Gimse/RSNO/Engeset)
GRIEG: Piano Concerto (Kozhukhin/BRSO/Sinaisky)_
GRIEG: Piano Concerto (Ogawa/Bergen PO/Ruud)
GRIEG: Holberg Suite (Rotterdam DO/Alphen)
GRIEG: Cello Sonata, Op. 36 (Brantelid, c/Hadland, p)
GRIEG: Symphonic Dances (RSNO/Engeset)
GRIEG: Norwegian Dances/Symphonic Dances/Lyric Suite (Bergen PO/Ruud)
GRIEG: Peer Gynt/Norwegian Dances (English CO/Leppard)
GRIEG: Symphony (Bergen PO/Ruud)
GROFÉ: Grand Canyon/Mississippi/Niagra Falls suites (BSO/Stromberg) (SACD)
GROFÉ: Grand Canyon/Mississipi/Niagra Falls Suites (BSO/Stromberg)(DVDA)
GRONDAHL: Trombone Concerto (Juul/DNSO/Dausgaard)
GIULIANI: Guitar Concerto No. 1 (Yepes/O/Navara)
GUILMANT: Sonata No. 5 (IntlBrass/Lehnen)
GULBAIDULINA: Feast During a Plague (RCOA/Jansons)
THOMAS HAMPSON (lieder recital)
HANDEL: Arias (Bell/ScottishCO/Egarr)
HANDEL: Arias (Fleming/Orch/Bickert)
HANDEL: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3 (AAM/Egarr)
HANDEL: Organ Concertos, Op. 4 (AAM/Egarr)
HANDEL: Organ Concertos, Op. 7 (AAM/Egarr)
HANDEL: Organ Concertos Vol. 1 & 2 (Chorzempa/Schroder)
HANDEL: Organ Concertos Vol. 3 (ChorzempaSchroder)
HANDEL: Piano Concertos (Kirschmei/Orch/Lartssen)
HANDEL: Coronation Anthems (King's Consort/King)
HANDEL: Messiah (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Fasolis) (DVDA)
HANDEL: Messiah (O/Chorus/Harnoncourt)
HANDEL: Water Music/Royal Fireworks (Orch/Mackerras) (DVDA)
HANDEL: Water Music/Royal Fireworks (Aradia Ens/Mallon)
HANDEL: Water Music/Royal Fireworks Music (ECO/Somary)
HANDEL: Water Music/Royal Fireworks (Boston Baroque)
HANDEL: Water Music/Royal Fireworks (L'Arte dell'Arco/Guyglielmo)
HANSON: Bold Island Suite (Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel)
HANSON: Song of Democracy (ERSO/Hanson)
HANSON: Suite from Merry Mount (Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel)
HANSON: Symphonies 1 and 2 (ERSO/Hanson)
HANSON: Symphony No. 2 (Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel)
HARRIS: Memories of a Child's Sunday (Albany SO/Miller)
HARRIS: Symphonies 8 and 9 (Albany SO/Miller)
HARRIS: Symphony No. 11 (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
HARTMANN : Concerto funebre (Netherlands CO/Nicolic)
HASSE: Organ music (Flamme, o)
HAUER: Orchestral works/Violin Concerto (Christian, v/VRSO/Rabl)
HAUSEGGER: Natursymphonie (WDR Chorus/Orch/Rasilainen)
HAYDN: Cello Concertos 1 AND 2 (Kanka/Prague CO/
HAYDN: Oboe Concerto in C (Utkin/Hermitage CO)
HAYDN: Violin Concerto No. 1/Sinconia Concertante (Zukerman/LAPO)
HAYDN: The Creation (Soloists/Chorus/LSO/Davis)
HAYDN: The Creation (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Sperling)
HAYDN: Divertimento in A (Utkin, oboe/Hermitage CO)
HAYDN: Quartets Op. 20 Nos. 1, 2 and 3 (Chiaroscuro Quartet)
HAYDN: Quartets, Op. 74 (Kocian Quartet)
HAYDN: Quartets Op. 64/6, 66/1 and 20/1 (Amnsterdam String Quartet)
HAYDN: Sinfonia Concertante (Netherlands CO/Nikolic)
HAYDN: Sinfonia Concertante (Hermitage CO)
HAYDN: Piano Sonatas 50, 52 (Lazic)
HAYDN: Complete songs (Ameling, sop/Demus, p)
HAYDN: Symphonies 22, 44 and 64 (Concertgebouw CO/Boni)
HAYDN: Symphonies 31, 70 abd 101 (Sciorttishg Chamnber O/Ticciati)
HAYDN: Symphony No. 33 "Philosopoher" )(Prague CO)
HAYDN: Symphonies 88 & 98 (RCOA/Davis)
HAYDN: Symphonies 93, 94,101 (Florigium)
HAYDN: Symphony No. 100 (Netherlands CO/Nikolic)
HAYDN: Piano Trios (Beaux Arts Trio)
HENEGHAN: House at the North Pole/Walking the Wild Rhondda (Virtual O)
HENZE: Sebastian Im Traum (RCOA/Jansons)
HERSCHEL: Six Symphonies (London Mozart Players/Hickox)
HERZOGENBERG: Piano Trios ( Vienna Piano Trio)
HIGDON: Concerto for Orchestra/City Scape (Atlanta SO/Spano)
HINDSON: Violin Concerto (St. John/RPO/Ioannides)
Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis (RCOA/Jansons)
HOLMBOE: Trombone Concerto No. 12 (Juul/DNSO/Dausgaard)
HOLMGREN: Concerto Grosso/Moving Still/Last Ground (Kronos Q/DNSO/Dausgaard)
HOLMGREN: Plateaux/For Piano (Pohjonen/DanishNSO/Spanjaard)
HOLST: The Perfect Fool Ballet Music (BBC O/Hickox)
HOLST: The Golden Goose/The Lure (Chorus/BBC O/Hickox)
HOLST: The Morning of the Year (Chorus/ BBC O/Hickox)
HOLST: The Planets (NYP/Bernstein)
HOLST: The Planets (Linz Bruckner O/Davies)
HOLST: The Planets (Philharmonia O/Gardiner)
HOLST: The Planets/The Mystic Trumpeter (RSNO/Lloyd-Jones) (SACD)
HOLST: The Planets/Mystic Trumpeter (RSNO/Lloyd-Jones) (DVDA)
HOLST: The Planets (London SO/Previn) (DVDA)
HOLST: The Planets (St. Louis SO/Susskind)
HONEGGER: Symphony No. 3 (RCOA/Jansons)
HORNER: The Legend of Zorro
HOVHANESS: Symphonies/orch works (Royal Liverpool PSO/Schwartz)
HYLDGAARD: Concerto Borealis (Juul/DNSO/Dausgaard)
IBERT: Orchestral Music (Suisse RO/Järvi)
IVES: Symphonies 1 and 2 (Melbourne O/Davis)
JORGENSEN: Suite for Trombone & orch (Juul/DNSO/Dausgaard)
JANACEK: Suite from The Cunning Little Vixen (Bamberg SO/Nott)
JANACEK: Glagolitic Mass/Chorjuses (Chorus/Bergen PO/Gardner)
JANACEK: Glagolitic Mass/Taras Bulba (Soloists/Chorus/Berlin RO/Janowski)
JANACEK: Sinfonietta (Bamberg SO/Nott)
JANACEK: Taras Bulba (RCOA/Jansons)
JANACEK: Taras Bulba (Bamberg SO/Nott)
JONGEN: Sonata Eroica (Tobias Frank)
KARG-ELERT: Choral-Improvisations (Volker)
KANNO: Piano music ((Ogawa)
KAIPAINEN: Quartet No. 7 (Kamus Quartet)
KHACHATURIAN: Violin Concerto (Fischer/RNO/Kreizberg)
KHACHATURIAN: Violin Concerto/Masquerade Suite (Malikian, v/Estremadura SO/Amigo)
KHACHATURIAN: Suite from Spartacus (Russian NO/Vedernikov)
KIRCHNER: Exil (Salzburg Ens)
KLAMI: Kalevala Suite (Lahti O/Slobodeniouk)
KLEIN: Partita for Strings (PO/Eschenbach)
KLENAU: Die Weise von Liebe und Tod (Skovhus/Odense O & Chorus/Mann)
KNELLER: Organ music (Flamme)
KODÁLY: Dances of Galanta (Scottish CO/Mackerras)
KODALY: Missa Brevis/choral works (Flemish Radio Choir/Duijck)
KOMITAS: Armenian and German songs (Papian/Manikonian)
KORNGOLD: Violin Concerto (Mutter/LSO/Previn)
KORNGOD: violin Concerto (Steinbacher/Glbenkian O/Foster)
KUUSISTO: Chamber/piano works (Various)
LACAGNINA: Concerto Serenata (Catemario/O/Paszkowski)
KRIEGER: Opera excerpts (soloists/Ens/Katyschner)
LALO: Cello Concerto (Moser/Orch/Hrusa)
LANG: Das Theater der Wiederholungen
LANGGAARD: Messis/In Tenebras Exteriores (Dreisig, organ)
LANGGAARD: Symphony No. 1 (Danish NSO/Dausgaard)
LANGGAARD: Symphonies 2 and 3 (Danish NSO/Dausgaard)
LANGGAARD: Symphonies 12 and 13 (DNSO/Dausgaard)
LANGGAARD: Symphonies 15 & 16 (Chorus/Danish NSO/Dausgaard)
LANGGAARD: Drapa/Sphinx/other works (Chorus/Danish NSO/Dausgaard)
OLIVIER LATRY Notre Dame organ recital
LARSSON: Symphony No. 2/Variations/Suite (Orch/Manze)
LEBRUN: Oboe concertos (Vol II) Schneemann/RCO/de Vriend)
LAWSON: Celtic Fanfares/Ghost Train (Virtual Orch.)
LISZT; Piano Concertos/Melediction (Kantorov/Orch/Kantorov)
LISZT: Variations for organ (Chorzempa)
LISZT: Piano works (Borac)
LISZT: Transcendental Etudes (Arrau)
LISZT: Years of Voyage: Italy (Hitzlberger)
LISZT: Piano Music (Volodos)
LISZT-KENNEDY: Totentanz (St. John, v/RPO/Ioannides)
LLOYD: Cello Concerto (Ross, c/Albany SO/Miller)
LLOYD: Suite "The Serf" (Albany SO/Miller)
LLOYD: Symphony No. 1 (Albany SO/Lloyd)
LLOYD: Symphony No. 12 (Albany SO/Lloyd)
LLOYD: Symphony No. 11 (Albany SO/Lloyd)
LLOYD WEBER: The Phantom of the Opera
LUBECK: Organ music (Flamme)
LUTOSLAWSKI: Concerto for Orch/Fanfare for Louisville (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
MacMILLAN: Seven Last Words from the Cross/other works (Polyphony)
MA, YO-YO "Obrigado Brazil"
McPHEE: Tabuh-Tabuhan (BBC SO/Slatkin)
MacMILLAN: Britannia (Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
MacMILLAN: Quickening/Interludes from The Sacrifice (Soloists/Chorus/BBC PO/MacMillan)
MacMILLAN: St. John Passion (Maltman, br/Chorusus/LSO/Davis)
MADETOJA: Kullervo (Lahti O/Slobodeniouk)
SIVAN MAGEN Harp Recital
MAHLER: Das Lied von der Erde (Soloists/Netherlands PO/Albrecht)
MAHLER: Das Lied von der Erde (Soloist/SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Kindertotenlieder (DeYoung/SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Songs of a Wayfarer (Maltman/Philharmonia O/Zander)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (Utah SO/Abravanel)(SACD)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (Utah SO/Abravanel)(DVDA)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (LSO/Gergiev)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (RCOA/Jansons)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (Bamberg SO/Nott)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (Utah SO/Fischer)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (San Francisco SO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (Philharmonia O/Zander)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 1 (Zurich TO/Zinman)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 (Utah SO/Abravanel) (DVD Audio)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 (Budapest O/Chorus/Fischer)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 (Vienna PO/Kaplan)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 (Israel PO/Mehta) (DVD Audio)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 (San Francisco SO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 (Zurich TO/Zinman)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 3 (VPO/Boulez)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 3 (RCOA/Chailly)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 3 (SFSO & Chorus/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 3 (Philharmonia O/Zander)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 4 (Watts/Netherlands PO/Albrecht)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 4 (Cleveland O/Boulez)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 4 (Schäfer/RCOA/Haitink)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 4 (Erdmann/Bamberg SO/Nott)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 4 (SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 4 (Organasova/Tonhalle O/Zinman)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (BPO/Abbado)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (Bamberg SO/Nott)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (Netherlands PO/Haenchen)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (RCOA/Jansons)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (BPO/Rattle)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (Netherlands PO/Haenchen)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (Minnesota O/Vänskä)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 5 (Philharmonia O/Zander)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (BPO/Abbado)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (LSO/Gergiev)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (Philadelphia O/Eschenbach)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (Budapest FO/Fischer)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (CSO/Haitink)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (RCOA/Jansons)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (San Francisco SO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 7 (LSO/Gergiev)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 7 (RCOA/Jansons)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 7 (SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 6 (Zurich O/Zinman)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (RCOA/Chailly) (DVDA)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (ACO/Haitink)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (Soloists/Berlin Orch/Nagano)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (Bavarian RSO/Davis)
MAHLER: Symphny No. 8 (Soloists/Choruses/LSO/Gergiev)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (Soloists/Chorusus/SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 9 (RCOA/Chailly)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 8 (Soloists/City of Birmingham O/Rattle) (DVD Audio)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 9 (SFSP/Thomas)
MAHLER: Adagio from Symphony NO. 10 (SFSO/Thomas)
MAHLER: Symphony No. 10 (BPO/Rattle) (DVDA)
MALIPIERO: Piano Concertos (Bartoli/O/Carulli)
MARAUSL Suite from Alcione (Savall)
MARAIS: Sémélé Orch. music (Montreal Baroque/Kuijken)
MARSHALL-HALL: Phantasy for Horn & Orch (Jacks/Orch/Tuckwell)

MARTINU: Memorial for Licie/concertos (Gurzenish O/Conlon)
MARTINU: Rhapsody Concerto/Viola music (Rysanekov/ v)
MANTYJARVI: Canticum Calamitatis Maritimae (Chorus/Bruffy)
MARTIN: Mass for Double Chorus (Choruses/Bruffy)
MARTINU: Memorial to Lidice (PO/Eschenbach)
MARTINU: Symphony No. 2 (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
MATTHEWS: Turning Point (RCOA/Stenz)
MASSENET: Sacred and profane arias (Illing/Orch/Bonynge)
MASSENET: Sapho (Wexford Opera)
NAUMANN: Betulia Liberate (Soloists/Chorus/Ens/Max)
MAYAZUMI: Xylophone Concerto (Glennie/Orch)
MEDEK; Organ music (Schmeding)
MENDELSSOHN: Works for piano and orchestra (Bacchetti/Prague CO)
MENDELSSOHN: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Lang/CSO/Barenboim)
MENDELSSOHN: Sonata/piano music (Von Alpenheim)
MENDELSSOHN: Piano Concertos/Songs Without Words (Leonsskaja/Salzburg O/Volkov)
MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in E Minor (Hahn/Oslo PO/Janowski)
MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in D Minor (Eschenazy/CCO/Boni)
MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto (Steinbcher/SRO/Dutoit)
MENDELSSOHN: Midsummer Night's Dream (music and play) (Scottish CO/Laredo)
MENDELSSOHN: Octet in E Flat/Quartet Op. 44 No. 1 (Auryn/Minguet Quartets) (DVDA)
MENDELSSOHN: String Quintets (Mendelssohn SQ)
MENDELSSOHN: String Quartets 2 and 3 (Escher Quartet)
MENDELSSOHN: String Quartets 1 and 4 (Escher Quartet)
MENDELSSOHN: Symphony No. 4 (Boston SO/
MENDELSSOHN: Symphony No. 5 (London SO/Gardiner)
MENDELSSOHN: Piano Trios 1 & 2 (Fiuscher/Gilad/Muller-Schott)
MENDELSSOHN: Quartsts D, E minor, F minor (Mandelring Quartet)
MEIJERING: Concerto Movements for Eagle Recorder (Laurin, rec.)
MERCURE: Kaléidoscope (Montreal O/Nézet-Ségun)
MESSIAEN: Choral music (Danish soloists/Creed)
MESSIAEN: Quartet for the End of Time (Salzburg Ens)
MESSIAEN: Turangalila (RCOA/Chailly)
MESSIAEN: Turangalila (LSO/Previn) (DVDA)
"MISSA MEXICANA" (Harp Consort)
MOORE: Symphony No. 2 (Sinfonia Varsovia/Hobson)
MORAVEC: The Blizzard Voices (Chorus/BMOP O/Rose)
MORHARD: Organ music (Flamme)
MORRICONE: Film music (Ma/Orch/Morricone)
MOZART: Abduction from Seraglio (arr. winds)
MOZART: A Musical Joke (English Consort/Manze)
MOZART: Clarinet Concerto (Dean/QSO/Tourniare)
MOZART: Clarinet Concerto (Martin/Scottish CO/Janiczek)
MOZART: Concert arias (Ameling, soprano)
MOZART: Concert Arias (Oropesa, soprano)
MOZART: Concertone in C, K. 190 (Fiuscher/Nikolic/NCO/Kreizberg)
MOZART: Violin Concertos 3 and 4 (Fischer/Netherlands CO/Kreizberg)
MOZART: Violin Concerto No. 5 (Eschenazy/CCO/Boni)
MOZART: Concerto in D (arr. Wilby) (Midori/O/Eschenbach)
MOZART: Bassoon Concerto (Leveaux/Scottish CO/Janiczek)
MOZART: Bassoon Concerto (Nunez/CCO/Rubingh)
MOZART: Horn Concerto No. 1 Slagter/CCO/Rubingh)
MOZART: Horn Concertos (Civil/ASMF/Marriner)
MOZART: Flute Concerto No. 1 (Beynon/CCO/Rubingh)
MOZART: Flute Concerto No. 1 (Mitchell/Scottish CO/Janiczek)
MOZART: Oboe Concerto in C (Ogrintchouk/CCO/Rubingh)
MOZART: Piano Concertos 8, 11 and 13 (Brautigan/O/Willens)
MOZART: Piano concertos 9 and 14 (Brendel/O/Janigro)
MOZART: Piano Concertos 13 and 24 (Helmchen/Netherlands CO/Nikolic)
MOZART: Piano Concertos Nos. 14 and 26 (Vasary/Berlin PO)
MOZART: Piano Concerto No. 20 (Rische/WDR O/Grifffiths)
MOZART: Divertimentos K. 136, 137, 138 (Polish CO/Rajska)
MOZART: Clarinet Quintet (Dean/Grainger Quartet)
MOZART: Clarinet Quintet, K581 (Pieterson/Grumiaux Quartet)
MOZART: Clarinet Quintet, K. 581 (Steffans/Ens)
MOZART: SString Quartets K. 387 & 458 )Hagen Quartet)
MOZART: Quartet in F, K. 370 (Wakao/Ens)
MOZART: Quintet No. 2, KV 406 (arr. oboe) (Utkin, o/ens)
MOZART: Serenade in G (English Consort/Manze)
MOZART: Serenade in G (Polish CO/Rajska)
MOZART: Requiem (Soloists/Concentus Musicus Wien/Harnoncourt)
MOZART: Requiem (Soloists/BPO/Karajan)
MOZART: Two Serenades (Concertgebouw CO/Boni)
MOZART: Serenade in D, K. 250 (Netherlands CO/Nikolic)
MOZART: Sinfonia Concertante (Fischer/Nikolic/NCO/Kreizberg)
MOZART: Sinfonia Concertante (arr. oboe & flute) (Utkin/Chepurina/Hermitage Ens)
MOZART: Sinfonia Concertante (Midori/Imai/Orch/Eschenbach)
MOZART: Requiem (Soloists/Atlanta SO & Chorus/Runnicles)
MOZART: Violin sonatas KV 376, 296, 377 (Podger, v/Cooper, fp)
MOZART: Violin sonatas KVV 305, 385c, 31, and 306 (Podger, v; Cooper, fp)
MOZART: Sonatas for Piano and Violin (Uchida/Steinberg)
MOZART: Symphonies 15, 16, 17 and 18 (Danish Radio Sinf/A. Fischer)
MOZART: Symphonies 5/29 (Concertgebouw CO/Boni)
MOZART: Symphonies 31 and 38 (ACO/Krips)
MOZART: "Youth" Symphonies (ASMF/Marriner)
MOZART: Symphonies 14, 18, 20, 39 and 41 (Boston SO/Levine)
MOZART: Symphonies 20, 45, 46, 47 & 51) (ASMF/Marriner)
MOZART: "Youth" Symphonies, Vol. III) (ASMF/Marriner)
"Moving Mozart" (Quintessence Saxopohone Quintet)
MÜLLER: Am Anfang (Salzburg Ens)
MUSSORGSKY-STOKOWSKI: Boris Godunov Synthesis (Bounemouith SO/Serebrier)
MUSSORGSKY: Khovanshchina Prelude (NP)O/Mackerras)
MUSSSORGSKY: Khovanshchina excerpts (Russian NO/Ponti)
MUSSORGSKY: Knovanshchina excerpts (St.Louis SO/Slatkin)
MUSSORGSKY: A Night on Bald Mountain (Kirov O/Gergiev)
MUSSORGSKY: A Night on Bald Mountain (Cincinnati SO/P. Jarvi)
MUSSORGSKY: Night on Bald Mountain/Other works (Ukraine O/Kuchar)
MUSSORGSKY: A Night on Bald Mountain (Russian NO/Ponti)
MUSSORGSKY: Night on Bald Mountain (LAPO/Salonen)
MUSSORGSKY-STOKOWSKI: Night on Bald Mountain (Bournemouth SO/Serebrier)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (Kirov O/Gergiev)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (Cincinnati SO/P. Jarvi)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (Ukraine O/Kuchar)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (NPO/Mackerras)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (Russian NO/Ponti)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (NYP/Schippers)
MUSSORGEKY: Songs and Dances of Death (Furlametto/RCOA/Jansons)
MUSSORGSKY-STOKOWSKI: Pictures at an Exhibition (Bournemouth SO/Serebrier)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (St. Louis SO/Slatkin)
MUSSORGSKY-CARPENTER: Pictures at an Exhibition (Carpenter, organ)
MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition (Schirmer, p)
ANNE-SOPHIE MUTTER violin showpieces
KATARZYNA MYCKA marimba concert
NIELSEN: Two quartets/quintet (Young Danish Ens)
NIELSEN: Orchestral Music (DNSO/Dausgaard)
NIELSEN: Symphony No. 5 (CincinnatiSO/P. Jarvi)
NERUDA POEMS (Conspirare)
NETREBKO, ANNA - Operatic arias
NETREBKO, ANNA - Operatic arias
NEW MUSIC IN RHEINSBERG (various performers)
NORGARD: Sea Drift/Nova Genitura/Fons Laetitiae (Vist, sop/Ens/Sondergard)
PALESTRINA: Missa Papae Marcelli (NY Polyphony)
NORGARD: Symphonies 3 and 7 (Chorus/Danish NSO/Dausgaard)
O'BRIEN, SARAH Harp Recital
OBUCHOV: Piano music (Günther)_
OFFENBACH: Orchestral Music (Suisse RO/Järvi
OLATUNJI "Circle of Drums"
'ORBIT" - Cellist Matt Haimovitz
ORFF: Carmina Burana (Soloists/LSO/Hickox)
ORFF: Carmina Burana (Atlanta SO & Chorus/Runnicles)
ORFF: Carmina Burana (London PO & Chorus/Mehta) (DVDA)
PANUFNIK: Symphony No. 10 (LSO/Pappano)
ORFF: Carmina Burana (Berlin Opera Chorus/Orch/Thielemann)
PALMGREN: Piano Concertos (Siegfridsson/ Port O/ Siegfridsson
PÄRT: De Produndis/other works (Paul Hillier Ensemble)
PÄRT: Berlin Mass/other works (Elora Singers/Edison)
PÄRT: Choral Works (Estonian Chorus/Hillier)
PART: Seven Magnificat-Antiphones (Estonian Choir)
MIAH PERSSON (soprano)
PETIT: Organ Concertino (Weir/ECO/Leppard)
PIAZZOLLA: Orchestral works (Wurttemberg O/Castagna)
PIAZZOLLA: The Four Seasons (Violons Du Roy)
PIAZZOLLA: The Four Seasons (St. John/SBYO)
PIAZZOLLA: Hommage a Liege (Catemario/Zisman/O/Paszkowski)
PLEYEL: Concertos/symphony (Soloists/Ens/Birnbaum)
POPOV: Symphony No. 1 (LSO/Botstein)
PLATTI: Concertos (Pratum Integrum OI/Bernardini)
POULENC: Choral works (Gents)
POULENC: Gloria (RCOA/Jansons)
"PRIERES SANS PAROLES (Hardenberger, tr/Simon, organ)
POULENC: Organ Concerto (Latry/PO/Eschenbach)
POULENC: Organ Concerto (Weir/ECO/Hill)
PROKOFIEV: Alexander Nevsky (St. Louis Chorus & Orch/Slatkin)
PROKOKFIEV: Lt. Kije Suite (St. Louis SO/Slatkin)
PROKOFIEV: Ode to the End of War (Russian NO/Jurowski)
PROKOFIEV: Quintet, Op. 39/chamber works (Czech/Prague org)
PROKOFIEV: Peter and the Wolf (Loren/Russian NO/Nagano)
PROKOFIEV: Peter and the Wolf (Banderas/Russian NO/Nagano)
PROKOFIEV: Peter and the Wolf (Cole/Polish Ens)
PROKOFIEV: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Matsuev/Mariinsky;/Gergiev)
PROKOFIEV: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Pletnev/RNO/Rostropovich)
Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 4 (Volodin/Mariinsky/Gergiev)
Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 5 ( Babayan, Mariinskyh/Gergiev)
PROKOFIEV: Piano Concerto No. 5 (Schlimé/RNO/Pletnev)
PROKOFIEV: Violin Concerto No.l (Fischer/RNO/Kreizberg)
PROKOFIEV: Violin Concerto No. 2 (Scottish CO/Swensen)
PROKOFIEV: Violin Concertos 1 and 2 (Gluzman/O/Järvi)

PROKOFIEV: Violin Concertos 1 and 2 (Steinbacher/Russian NO/Petrenko)
PROKOFIEV: Five Melodies (Scottish CO/Swensen)
PROKOFIEV: Lt. Kije (Cincinnati SO/Järvi)
PROKOFIEV: Lt. Kije/Peter and the Wolf (Karloff/VSOO/Rossi)
PROKOFIEV: Peter and the Wolf (Polish CO)
PROKOFIEV: Quintet, Op. 39 (Wakao/Ens)
PROKOFIEV: Romeo and Juliet Suite No. 1 (RNO/Vedernikov)
PROKOFIEV: Romeo and Juliet Suite No. 2 (Russian NO/Vedernikov)
PROKOFIEV: Sinfonia Concertante (Wispelwey/Rotterdam PO/Sinaisky)
PROKOFIEV: Cello Sonata, Op. 119 (Wispelwey/Lazic)
PROKOFIEV: Violin Sonatas (Gluzman/Yoffe)
PROKOFIEV: Sonata for Solo Violin (Gluzman)
PROKOFIEV: Ivan the Terrible (St. Louis SO/Slatkin)
PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 1 (Scottish CO/Swensen)
Prokofiev: Symphonies 4, 6 and 7 (Mariinsky/Gergiev)
PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5 (RCOA/Jansons)
PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5 (Mariinsky O/Gergiev)
PROKOFIEV: Symphny No. 5 (Cincinnati SO/Järvi)
PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5 (Russian NO/Jurowski)
PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5 (Novosibirsk O/Sanderling)
PROTOPOPOV: Sonata, Op. 5 (Günther, p)
PUCCINI: La Boheme (Soloists/Chailly)
PUCCINI: La Boheme (Soloists/Spano)
PUCCINI: Crisantemi (I Musici)
PUCCINI: Tosca (Carreras/Caballe/C. Davis)
PYIKKANEN: Kullervo Goes to War (Lahti O/Slobodeniouk)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano music (Ashkenazy)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano concertos/Paganini Rhapsody (Hough/DSO/Litton)
RACHMANIMOOF: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Matsuev/Mariinsky O/Gergiev)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Haas/Frankfurt RSO/Inbal)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concertos 2 and 3 ((Janis/O/Dorati)(3 track)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concertos 2 and 3 (Scherbakov/Russian SO/Yablosky)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Lang Lang/St. Petersburg Orch/Temirkanov)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Matsuev/Mariinskyh//Gergiev)
RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Pletnev/RNO/Rostropovich)
RACHMANINOFF: Isle of the Dead (LPO/Jurowski)
RACHMANINOFF: Paganini Rhapsody (Haas/Frankfurt RSO/Inbal)
RACHMANINOFF: Paganini Rhapsody (Lill/BBC Wales O/Otaka)
RACHMANINOFF: Paganini Rhapsody (Matsuev/Mariinsky/Gergiev)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphonic Dances (LPO/Jurowski)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphonic Dances (RCOA/Jansons)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 2 (Budapest Festival O/A. Fischer)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 2 (RCOA/Jansons)
ACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 2 (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 2 (Novosibirsk O/Kats)

RACHMANINOFF: POiano Concertio No. 1 (Matsuev/Mariinsky/Gergiev)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 3 (Rotterdam PO/De Waart)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 3 (BBC Wales O/Otaka)
RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 3 (Utah SO/Abravanel) (DVD Audio)
RACHMANINOFF: Trio elegiaque (Abegg Trio) (DVD Audio)
RACHMANINOFF: Vespers (Finnish NO Chorus)
RACHMANNOFF: Vespers (St. Petersburg Chamber Choir/Korniev)
RACHMANINOFF: Vespers (Glorae Dei Cantores)
RAMEAU: Une symphonie imaginaire (Louvre Ens/Minkowski)
RATHGEBER; Messe von Muri (Cappella Murensis/Ens/Hirsch)
RAUTAVAARA: Book of Visions/Adagio Celeste (Belgium NO/Franck)
RAUTAVAARA: Symphony No. 1 (Belgian NO/Franck)
RAVEL: Orchestral Muysiuc (Boston SO/Ozawa)
RAVEL: Bolero (Netherlands Po/Kreizberg)
RAVEL: Bolero (Cin. SO/Jarvi)
RAVEL: Bolero (PO/Simon)
RAVEL: Bolero (OP/Martinon)(DVDA)
RAVEL: Bolero (Minnesota O/Skrowaczewski)
RAVEL: Bolero (Rotterdam PO/Waart)
RAVEL: Piano Concertos (Larderet/O/Kawka)
RAVEL: Piano Concerto (Schlimé/RNO/Pletnev)
RAVEL: Piano Concerto (Roge/VRSO/Billy)
RAVEL: Daphnis and Chloe Suites 1 and 2 (RCOA/Haitink)
RAVEL: Daphnis and Chloe (OP/Chorus/Martinon)(DVDA)
RAVEL: Daphnis and Chloe (Boston SO/Levine)
RAVEL: Daphnis and Chloe Suite No. 2 (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
RAVEL: Daphnis and Chloe Suite No. 2 (Cinn.SO/Jarvi)
RAVEL: Daphnis and Chloe Suites (Minnesota O/Skrowaczewski)
RAVEL: Daphnis & Chloe Suite No. 2 (PO/Simon)
RAVEL: Mother Goose Suite (RCOA/Haitink)
RAVEL: Mother Goose Ballet (Minnesota O/Skrowaczewski)
RAVEL: Mother Goose Suite/La Valse (Beethovenhalle O/Soustrot)
RAVEL: Mother Goose Suite/La Valse (NYP/Boulez)
RAVEL: Mother Goose Suite/La Valse (Cin.SO/Jarvi)
RAVEL: Noble and Sentimental Waltzes (Minnesota O/Skrowaczewski)
RAVEL: violoin Sonata (Tara, v//vajiva-Tara, p)
RAVEL: La Valse (OP/Martinon)(DVD Audio)
RAVEL: La Valse (RCOA/Jansons)
RAVEL: La Valse (Minnesota O/Skrowaczewski)
RAVEL: Orchestral works (PO/Simon)
RAVEL: Orchestral works (Minnesota O/Skrowaczewski)
RAVEL: String Quartet (Parkanyi Quartet)
RAVEL: Le Tombeau de Couperin (Stott)
RAVEL: Tzigane (Suwanai/PO/Dutoit)
RAVEL: Piano Music (Lazic, p)
REBEL: The Elements/other works (Pratum Integrum O)
REINCKEN: Organ music (Flamme)
RESPIGHI: Ancient Airs Suites (PHO/Dorati)(3 track)
RESPIGHI: Aretusa/La Sensitiva/La Pentola Magica (Pinti/Orch/Conti)
RESPIGHI: Ballad of the Gnomes (Philharmonia O/Simon)
RESPIGHI: Ballad of the Gnolmes I(Liège SO/Neschling)
RESPIGHI: Belkis, Queen of Sheba (Holland Radio PO/Ashkenazy)
RESPIGHI: Belkis, Queen of Sheba (Liège PO/NHeschling)
RESPIGHI: Church Windows (Holland Raio PO/Ashkenazy)
RESPIGHI: Metamorphosen (Liège SONeschling)
RESPIGHI: The Pines of Rome (New Jersey SO/Macal)(DVDA)
RESPIGHI: Suite in G for Strings and Organ (Philharmonia O/Simon)
RESPIGHI: Three Botticelli Pictures (Philharmonia O/Simon)
REUBKE: Sonata 94th Psalm (Leonardy)
REVUELTAS: Chamber works (Ebony Band)
RICHTER: Orchestral works (Vol. I) (New Dutch Academy)
RICHTER: Orchestral works (Vol. II) (New Dutch Academy)
RIES: Der Sieg des Glanbens (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Mark)
RIES: Symphonies 7 and 8 (Zurich CO/Griffiths)
RIHM: Quartets 1, 4, 5 & 8 (Doelen Quartet)
RIISAGER: Archaeopterytz/Til Apollon, Lysets Gud (Danish NSO/Hughes)
RIISAGER: Benzin (Danish NSO/Hughes)
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Capriccio espagnol (LSO/Dorati)
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Capriccio espagnole (Rotterdam PO/De Waart)
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Le Coq d'Or Suite (LSO/Dorati)
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Russian Easter Overture (LSO/Dorati)
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Scheherazade (Kirov O/Gergiev)
RODRIGO: Concierto de Aranjuez/Concierto Andaluz (Romeros/SASO/Alessandro)
RODRIGO: Concierto Madrigal/Sones en La Giralda (Romero/Michel/ASMF/Marriner)
ROMAN: Harpsichord Sonatas (Paradiso, hps)
ROMAN: Flute Sonatas (Lauren, recorder)
ROSSINI: Overtures (ASMF/Marriner)
ROSSINI: Piano music (Giacometti)
ROSSINI: Piano music (Vol. 6) (Giacometti)
ROTA: Concerto for Strings (I Musici)
"ROUND-UP" (Cincinnati Pops O/Kunzel)
ROZSA: Ben-Hur/Quo Vadis/King of Kings (Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel)
RUBINSTEIN: Piano Concerto No. 4 (Hamelin/BBCSSO/Stern)
DAVID RUSSELL - The Art of the Guitar
Russian Opera Highlights (Bolshoi Theatre)
Russian Opera Highlights (II) (Bolshoi Theatre)
'SACRED FEAST' (Gaudeamus)
SAINT-SAËNS: Africa (Mok/LPO/Simon)
SAINT-SAËNS: Carnival of the Animals (Polish Ens)
SAINT-SAËNS: Piano concertos 1, 2, 4 (Milakova/WDRO/Sanderling)
SAINT-SAENS: Piano concertos 3 and 5 (Milakova/WSRO/Sanderling)
SAINT-SAËNS: Hélčne (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Tourniaire)
SAINT-SAËNS: Nuit Persane (Davislim, tenor/ chorus/orch/Tourniaire)
SAINT-SAËNS: Orchestral Music (Suisse RO/Järvi)
SAINT-SAËNS: Orch. works (LPO/Simon)
SAINT-SAËNS: Piano Quartets (Mozart Piano Quartet)
SAINT-SAËNS: Requiem (Soloists/Chorus/LPO/Simon)
SAINT-SAENS: Symphonies 1 and 3 (Frankfurt RSO/Inbal)
SAINT-SAËNS: Symphony No. 3 (Balto. SO/Comissiona) (DVDA)
SAINT-SAENS: Symphony No. 3 (Latry/PO/Eschenbach)
SAINT-SAËNS: Symphony No. 3 (Belanger/Montreal O/Nezet-Segun)
SAINT-SAËNS: Symphony No. 3 (ODonnell/LPO/Simon)
SAINT-SAËNS: Piano trios 1 & 2 (Altenberg Trio Wien)
SAINT-SAËNS: Symphony No. 3 (Chorzempa/Rotterdam PO/Waart)
SALIERI: Opera Arias (Bartoli/Fischer)
SARASATE: OIpera Fantasies ( Reinhardt, v)
SARASATE: Opera fantasies - Volume II) (Reinhardt, v)
CAROLYN SAMPSON (soprano) Recital
SATIE: Piano Music (Ogawa)
JORDI SAVALL - Estampies & Danses Royales
SCHARWENKA: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Hamelin/BBCSSO/Stern)
SHCHEDRIN: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Hamelin/BBC O/Litton)
SCARLATTI: Il Giardino di Rose (O/Dantone)
SCHILDT: Organ works (Flamme)
SCHMIDT: Das Buch Mit Sieben Siegeln (SoloistsChorus/Orch/K. Jarvi)
SCHMITT: J'entendes dans le lointain. (Lardaret, [/P/Kaska_
SCHOENBERG: A Survivor from Warsaw (RCOA/Jansons)
SCHMIDT: Symphony No. 4/Notre Dame excerpts (NPO/Kreizberg)
SCHNITTKE: Piano Concerto (Moscow CO/Orbelian)
SCHNITTKE: Choir Concerto (Estonian Choir)
SCHNITTKE: Piano sonatas (Tchetuev)
O. SCHMIDT: Flute, Horn and Tuba concertos (variouis/composer)
SCHMITT: Orch/chamber works (New Dutch Academy/Murphy)
SCHMELZER: Orch works (Ars Antiqua Austria)
SCHÖNBERG: Cinematographiuc Scene (Netherlands PO/Albrecht)
SCHOENBERG: Moses and Aaron (Soloits/chors/SWR Orch/Sylvain)
SCHUBERT: Notturno in E flat (Helmchen ens)
SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet, D. 667 (Beaux Arts Trio et al)
SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet, D. 667 (MartinHelmchen/Ens)
SCHUBERT: String Quintet in C, D. 956 (Auryn Quartet/Poltera) (DVD Audio)
SCHUBERT-MAHLER: Quartet in D Minor (RPO/Rosenkrans)
SCHUBERT: Lieder (Elly Ameling, soprano)
SCHUBERT: Octet in F (Camerata Freden) (DVD Audio)
SCHUBERT: Sonata in D, Op. 53/Three Piano Pieces (Koudriakov)
SCHUBERT: Symphonies 2 and 4 (Bamberg SO/Nott)
SCHUBERT: Symphony No. 9 (Bamberg SO/Nott)
SCHUBERT: Piano Trios 1 & 2 (Storioni Trio)
SCHUBERT: Variations, D. 802 (Baertenm, fl/Helmchen, p)
SCHUBERT: Winterreise (Davislim, tenor/Romaniuk, p)
SCHUMANN: Adagio and Allegro (Wispelwey, c/Giacometti, p)
SCHUBERT-LISZT: Wanderer Fantasy (Borac)
SCHUMANN: Piano Music Op. 6, 23 and 133 (Frantz)
SCHUMANN: Piano Concerto (Giacometti/APO/Tilkin)
SCHUMANN: Piano Concerto (Zacharias/Lausanne CO)(DVD Audio)
SCHUMANN: Piano Concerto (Zacharias/Lausanne CO) (SACD)
SCHUMANN: Concert Allegro/Intro & Allegro (Zacharias/Lausanne CO) (DVD Audio)
SCHUMANN: Concert Allegro/Intro & Allegro (Zacharias/Lausanne CO) (SACD)
SCHUMANN: Fantasy in C/Fantaisiestucke (Bringuier)
SCHUMANN: Lieder (Elly Ameling, soprano)
SCHUMANN: Papillons (Arrau)
SCHUMANN: Das Paradies und die Peri (C/O/Harnoucourt)
SCHUMANN: Symphony NO. 1 (RCOA/Jansons)
SCHJMANN: Symphonies 1 and 2 (Czech PO/Foster)
SCHUMANN: Symphonies 3 and 4 (Czech PO/Foster)
SCHUMANN: Symphonies 1 and 3 (Frankfurt RSO/Inbal)
SCHUMANN: Waldszenen (Bringuier)
SCRIABIN: Etudes (Lang Lang, p)
SCRIABIN: Prometheus (Toradze/Kirov O/Gergiev) (DVDA)
SCRIABIN: Symphony No. 1/Poem of Ecstasy (Russian NO/Pletnev)

SCRIABIN: Symphonies 3 and 4 (LSO/Gergiev)
SEGERSTAM: Symphony No. 288 (Turku PO/Segerstam)
SHEEHAN: Vespers (Tikhon Chorus/Sheehan)

SHOSTAKOVICH: Suite from The Bolt (Russian NO/Vedernikov)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Chamber Symphony (Moscow CO/Orbelian)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (Hamelin/BBC Scottish O/Litton)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Concertos 1 & 2 (Jacoby/RPO/Mackerras)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Vioin Concerto No. 1 (Kavakos, v/Mariinsky O/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Hahn/OPO/Wolf)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Violin Concertos 1 and 2 (Zimmerman/Orch/Gilbert)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Hamlet Film Music (RPO/Yablonsky) (SACD)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Hamlet Film Music (RPO/Yablonsky) (DVDA)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Jazz Suites/The Bolt Suite (RSSO/Yablonsky) (DVDA)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Jazz Suites/The Bolt Suite (RSSO/Yeblonsky) (SACD)
SHOSTAKOVICH: The Nose (Mariinsky Ens/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Cello Sonata, Op. 40 (Wispelwey/Lazic)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Seven Romances (Naef/ms/PO/Eschenbach)
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets 1, 2, 4 (Mandelring Quartet)
SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets 5, 7 and 9 (Mandelring Quartet)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphonies 1 & 5 (LPO/Masu)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphonies 1 & 6 (RNO/Jurowski)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphonies 1 & 15 (Mariinsky O/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 2 (Verdi O/Caetani)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 4 (Kirov O/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 4 (WDR O/Bychkov)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 4 (Verdi O/Caetani)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 5 (Pitts SO/Honeck)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 5 (Philadelphia O/Eschenbach)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphonies 5 & 6 (Verdi Milan O/Caetani)(DVDA)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 5 (Russian NO/Kreizberg)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphonies 5 and 6 (Kirov O/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 7 (RCOA/Jansons)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 7 (Kirov/Rotterdam O/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 7 (Russian State SO/Yablonsky)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 8 (Russian NO/Berglund)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 8 (Verdi Milan O/Caetani)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 9 (Mariinsky O/Gergiev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 9 (Russian NO/Kreizberg)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 8 (LSO/Rostropovich)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 10 (Austrian YO/Anissimov)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 10 (WDR O/Bychkov)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 11 (Verdi O/Caetini)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 11 (Russian NO/Pletnev)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 11 (LSO/Rostropovich)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 12 (Verdi O/Caaetani)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 13 (Verdi O/Caetani)
SHOSTAKOVICH: Theme & Variations, Op. 5 (LSO/Botstein)
SIBELIUS: Violin Concerto (Kraggerud/Bournemouth SO/Engeset)
SIBELIUS: Music for violin & orch (Kuusisto/Tapiola Sinf)
SIBELIUS: Karelia Suite (Boston SO/Davis)
SIBELIUS: En Saga (Boston SO/Davis)

SIBELIUS: Kullervo (Soloists/Chorus/Rheinland-Pfalz SPO/Rasilainen)O
SIBELIUS: Kullervo (Soloists/Chorus/Helsinki PO/Segerstam)
SIBELIUS: Kullervo (Soloists/Chorus/Atlanta SO/Spano)
SIBELIUIS: Pohjola's Daughter (Boston SO/Davis)
SIBELIUS: Pohjola's Daughter (LSO/Davis)
SIBELIUS: Serenade, Op. 69b (Kraggerud/Bournemouth SO/Engeset)
SIBELIUS: Songs (Isokoski/Helsinki PO/Segerstam)
Sibelius: Symphony No. 1 (RCOA/Jansons)
SIBELIUS: Symphony No. 2 (LSO/Davis)
SIBELIUS: Symphony No. 2 (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
SIBELIUS: Symphony No. 2 (Boston SO/Nelsons)
SIBELIUS: Symphonies 2 and 7 (LPO/Berglund)
SIBELIUS: Symphonies 3 and 7 (LSO/Davis)
SIBELIUS: Symphonies 5 and 7 (Boston SO/Davis)
SIBELIUS: Symphonies 5, 6, 7 (Utah SO/Abravanel) (DVD Audio)
SIBELIUS: Works for Small Orch (Scottish CO/Swensen)
SIMPSON: Music for Viols (Chelsy Consort)
SINDING: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Kraggerud/Bournemouth SO/Engeset)
SINDING: Romance in D, Op. 100 (Kraggerud/Bournemouth SO/Engeset)
SMETANA: Ma Vlast (LSO/Davis)
SMETANA: Ma Vlast (St. Louis SO/Susskind)
SOUSA: Four Marches (Wallace Collection)
SOUSA: Marches (Eastman Wind Ens/Fennell)
"Splendore di Roma" (Zomer/Jacobs)
SPOHR: Symphonies 3 & 10 (NDR O/Griffiths)
SPOHR: Symphonies 7 and 9 (Hannover O/Griffiths)
SPOHR: Symphonies 2 and 8 (NDR RPO/Griffiths)
VON STADE - Rossini & Mozart arias
STAMITZ: Orchestral works (Vol. II) (New Dutch Academy)
STEINER: Adventures of Mark Twain (Moscow SO/Stromberg)
STOCK: Concertos for Violin, Oboe and Percussion (Soloists/Orch/Rose)
JOHANN STRAUSS: Waltzes (VSO/Kreizberg)
STRAUSS: Also sprach Zarathustra (Dresden SO/Kempe)(DVDA)
STRAUSS: An Alpine Symphony (RCOA/Janssons)
STRAUSS: An Alpine Symphony (Dresden SO/Kempe)(DVDA)
STRAUSS: An Alpine Symphony (Dresden SO/Luisi)
STRAUSS: An Alpine Symphony (Vienna PO/Thieleman)
STRAUSS: Oboe Concerto/other works (Hermitage O)
Strauss: Death and Transsfiguration (RCOA/Jansons)
STRAUSS: Death and Transfiguration (Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
STRAUSS: Don Juan (RCOA/Janssons)
STRAUSS: Der Burger als Edelmann (DKO/Jarvi)
STRAUSS: Don Quixote (Vogler, c/Dresden SO/Luisi)
STRAUSS: Don Quixotte (Maisky/BPO/Mehta)
STRAUSS: Duett-Concertino (DKO/Jarvi)
STRAUSS: Elektra (Herlitzius/Netherlands/Albrecht)
STRAUSS: Elektra (Polaski/Bychkov)
STRAUSS: Four Last Songs (Brewer/Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
STRAUSS: Four Last Songs (Harteros/Dresden State O/Luisi)
STRAUSS: Four Last Songs (Sjöberg/Odense SO/Wagner) (DVDA)
STRAUSS: Songs (Davislim, tenor/Orch/Young)
STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben (RCOA/Jansons)
STRAUSS: Josephs Legende (Budapest FO/Fischer)
STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben (Odense SO/Wagner) (DVDA)
STRAUSS: Suite from Der Rosenkavalier (Vienna PO/Thielemann)
STRAUSS: Romance for Cello & Orch (Vogler, c/Dresden O/Luisi)
STRAUSS: Cello Sonata in F, Op. 6 (Vogler, c/Lortie, p)
Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks (RCOA/Jansons)
STRAVINSKY: The Fairy's Kiss (Russian NO/Jurowski)
STRAVINSKY: Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra (Ax/RCOA/Jansons)
STRAVINSKY: Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra (Matsuev/Mariinsky O/Gergiev)
STRAVINSKY: The Firebird (Philharmonia O/Craft)
STRAVINSKY: Firebird Suite/Nightingale (LSO/Dorati) (3 track)
STRAVINSKY: Firebird Suite (RCOA/Jansons)
STRAVINSKYG: Firebird Suite (Frankfurt RSO/Orazco-Estrada)
STRAVINSKY: Violin Concerto (Hahn/ASMF/Marriner)
STRAVINSKY: Firebird Ballet (Flemish O/Levi)
STRAVINSKY: L'Histoire du soldat/chamber orch works (O/Jarvi)
STRAVINSKY: L'Histoire du soldat (Soloists/Ens/Stokowski)
STRAVINSKY: Petrushka (Philharmonia O/Craft)
STRAVINSKY: Petrushka (RCOA/Jansons)
STRAVINSKY: Petrushka (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
STRAVINSKY: Petrushka (LSO/Mackerras)
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (RCOA/Jansons)
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (Cincinnati SO/P. Jarvi)
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (Bamberg SO/Nott)
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (Frankfurt RSO/Orazco-Estrada)
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (LAPO/Salonen)
STRAVINSKY: The Rite of Spring (Boston SO/Thomas)
STRAVINSKY: Song of the Nightingale (Flemish Radio O/Levi)
SUK: Azrael Symphony (Helsinki PO/Ashkenazy)
STRAVINSKY: Symphony of Psalms (RFOA/Jansons)
STRAVINSKY: Symphony of Psalms (Chorus/Bamberg SO/Nott)
SUMERA: Symphony No. 2 (Norrlands SO/K.Jarvi)
SUPPÉ: Overtures (DSO/Paray) (3 track)
SZECHENYI: Lieder (Soloists, piano)
SZYMANOWSKI: Violin Concertos 1 & 2 (Little/BBCO/Gardner)
TAKEMITSU: Guitar arrangements/other works (Muraji, guitarist)
TALBOT: Path of Miracles (Tenebrae/Short)
TANAYEV: Cantata No. 2 (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Pletnev)
TANNER: Boy with Goldfish (Soloists/LSO/Holdridge)
TANSMAN: Symphonies 2 and 3 (Melbourne SO/Caetani)
La Tarantella (Singers/Ens)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Capriccio Italien (RPO/Gatti)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Ogdon/LSO/Monteux) (DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1 (K0zhuukhin/BRSO/ /Sinaisky)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Lugansky/RNO/Nagano)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Volodos/BPO/Ozawa)
TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture (Cincinnati PO/Kunzel)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concertos 1 and 3 (Scherbakov/RPO/Yablonsky)
TCHAIKOVSKKY: Violin Concerto (Bell/BPO/Tomas)
TCHAIKOVSKYT: Violin Concerto (Feng/Deutsches O/Yang)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto (Fischer/Russian NO/Kreizberg)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto (Gluzman/Bergen O/Litton)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto (Grumiaux/{Philharmonia O/Krenz)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto (Mutter/VPO/Previn)
TCHAIKOVSK: Violin Concerto (Steinbacher/SRO/Dutopit)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto (Tetzlaff/RNO/Nagano)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Francesca da Rimini (LSO/Stokowski)
TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture (Boston SO/Davis)
TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture (Cincinnati PO/Kunzel)(DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture (Dallas SO/Litton)(DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Hamlet (incidental music) (Russian NO/Jurowski)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Nutcracker (highlights) Cincinnati Pops O/Kunzel)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Souvenir d'un lieu cher (Fischer/Kreizberg)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 (Budapest FO/Fischer)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 (RPO/Gatti)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet (original version) (Russian NO/Jurowski)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet Overture (Boston SO/Davis)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet Overture (Budapest FO/Fischer)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet Overture (RPO/Gatti)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet (Cincinnati SO/Järvi)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet Overture (Netherlands PO/Kreizberg)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet Overture (LSO/Monteux)(DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo and Juliet (Novosibirsk O/Sanderling)
TCHAIKOKVSKY: Serenade for Strings (Concertgebouw CO/Boni)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Serenade for Strings (RPO/Gatti)
TCHAIKOVSKYK: Serenade for Strings (LSO/Stokowski)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Souvenir of Florence (Concertgebouw CO/Boni)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Souvenir of Florence (Amsterdam CO/Thompson)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Suite No. 3 (RNO/Jurowski)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 (Balto SO/Comissiona)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4/Nutcracker Suite (NYP/Bernstein)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphonies 4, 5 and 6 (Arctic /Lindberg)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 (PO/Eschenbach)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 5 (Philadelphia O/Eschenbach)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 5 (RPO/Gatti)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 5 (LSO/Monteux) (DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 5 (SFSO/Thomas)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 (RPO/Gatti)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 (Pittsburgh SO/Honeck)
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 (RCOA/Jansons)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake Ballet (complete) (Russian SSO/Yablonsky)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake Ballet Suite (Utah SO/Abravanel) (DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKYI: Symphony No. 6 (Philadelphia O/Eschenbach)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 (Kirov O/Gergiev) (DVDA)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 (Cincinnati SO/Järvi)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6/Nutcracker Suite (Paris O/Ozawa)
TCHAIKOVSKY: Orchestral works (Cin.PO/Kunzel)(DVDA)
CAMILLA TILLING (*Nordic songs)
TCHEREPNIN: Cello Suite (Wispelwey)
TELEMANN: Various concertos (Pratum Integrum O)
THEOFANIDIS: The Hear and Now (Soloists/Atlanta Chorus & SO/Spano)
"TIMBRANDO" (Meridian Arts Ensemble)
TISHCHENKO: Piano Sonatas 7 and 8 (Stavy, po)
TIRAO: Conciertango Buenos Aires (Catemario/O/Paszkowski)
TOURNEMIRE: The Mystic Organ (Müller)
IAN TRACEY - "Fantaisie Triomphale" (Tracey, o/BBC PO/Gamba)
TUBIN: Symphony No. 5 (Cincinnati SO/Jarvi)
TUNDER: Organ music (Flamme, o)
TURINA: Danzas Fantasticas (Cincinnati SO/Lopez-Cobos)
TURINA: Sinfonia Sevillana (Cincinnati SO/Lopez-Cobos)
TURNAGE: Three Screaming Popes (Atlanta SO/Runnicles)(
VAN RIJEN (trombonoe recital)
VARESE: Ameriques (RCOA/Jansons)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Dives & Lazarus;other works (Utah SO/Abravbanel) (DVDA)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: A London Symphony (LSO/Hickox)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: A Sea Symphony (Atlanta SO/Chorus/Spano)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: A Sea Symphony (Bournemouith SO/Chorus/Daniels) (DVDA)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: A Sea Symphony (Bournemouith SO/Chorus/Daniels) (SACD)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony No. 5 (LSO/Hickox)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony No. 5/Fantasia/Serenade (Atlanta SO/Spano)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony No. 6 (Utah SO/Abravanel)(DVDA)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony No. 7 (New Zealand SO/Judd)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Various Choral/Orch. works (LSO/Hickox)
VERBEIJ: Lied for Trombone and Orch (Rijen/RCOA/Stenz)
VELDHUIS: Paradiso (Soloists/Orch/Liebreich)
VERDI: Opera Choruses (Orch/Chorus/Klee)
VERDI: Requiem (Soloists/VPO/Harnoncourt)
VERDI: Requiem (Noseda/London SO)
VERDI: Quartet in E Minor (Amsterdam Sinf/Thompson)
VILLA-LOBOS: Guitar Concerto (Yepes/OIrch/Navarra)
VILLA LOBOS: Little Train of the Caipira (LSO/Goossens)
VIVALDI: Arias (Bartoli/Orch) DVD
VIVALDI: Choral works (O/C/Mallon)
VIVALDI: L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3 (Accademia Bizantina/Dantone)
VIVALDI: Flute Concertos (Gazelloni/I Musici)
VIVALDI : Eight violn concertos (Accardo/I Musici)
VIVALDI: Late Concertos (Carmignola, v/Venice Baroque O/Marcon)
VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (Zukerman/English CO)
VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (Quarta/Moscow CO/Orbelian)
VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (Martison,v/Boston Baroque/Pearlman)
VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (Gaede/Polish CPO/Rajski)
VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (St. John/SBYO)
VIVALDI: Guitar concertos (Romeros/SASO/Alessandro)
VIVALDI: La Stravaganza, Op. 4 (Pdger/Suonatori Baroque Orch)
WAGNER: Lohengrin (Soloists/WDR Orch/Bychkov)
WAGNER: Prelude & Liebestod from Tristan & Isolde (Brewer/Atlanta SO/Runnicles)
WAGNER: Vocal/orch. works (Margiono, sop/Limburg SO/Spanjaard)
WAGNER: "The Ring" (arr. Vlieger)(Royal Scottish NO/Jarvi)
WAGNER: Opera Choruses (Orch/Chorus/Klee)
WAGNER: Overtures & Preludes (BPO/Karajan)(DVDA)
WAGNER: Overture/Preludes/excerpts (Dresden O/Varviso)
WAGNER: Das Rheingold (Adelaide Opera)
WAGNER: The Ring (Soloists/Berlin RSO/Jankowski)

WAGNER: Die Walküre (Adelaide Opera)
WAGNER: Siegfried (Adelaide Opera)
WAGNER:Tannhäuser (Berlin/Janowski)
WAGNER: Tannhäuser Overture (Boston SO/Nelsons)
WAGNER: Siegfried Idyll (Royal Scottish NO/Järvi)
WAGNER: Götterdämmerung (Adelaide Opera)
WAGNER: Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde (RCOA/Jansons)

WALTON: Belshazzar's Feast (LSO/Chorus/Previn)(DVDA)

WALTON: Christopher Columbus/Hamlet and Ophelia (Soloists/Chorus/Orch/Hickox)
WALTON: Cello Concerto/Improvisations (Watkins/O/Gardiner)
WALTON: Overtures (LSO/Previn) (DVDA)
WALTON: Symphony No. 1 (LSO/Davis)
WALTON: Symphony No. 2 (LSO/Previn) (DVDA)
WALTON: Symphony No. 2 (BBC/Gardiner)
WARD: Fantasies and Verse Anthems (Chorus/Hyde)
WEBERN: In Sommerwind (RCOA/Jansons)
WEINBERG: Concertos (Soloists/Gothenburg SO/Svedlund)
WEINBERG: Solo Violin Sonatas (Roth)
WEINGARTNER: Der Sturm/Serenade (Basel SO/Letonja)
WEINGARTNER: Symphony No.2/Das Gefilde der Seligan (Basel SO/Letonja)
WEINGARTNER: Symphony No. 3/Lustige Overture (Basel SO/Letonja)
WEINGARTNER: Symphony No. 4 (Basel SO/Letonja)
WEINGARTNER: Symphony No. 6/Frühling (Basel SO/Letonja)
WOLF: Lieder (Fischer-Dieskau/Richter)
WYSCHNEGRADSKY: Piano music (Günther)
YSAŸE: Violin Sonatas (Saeijs)