A Choral Pilgrimage  "The Glories of Tudor Church Music"  
Music of William Byrd, John Sheppard, John Tavener, William Mundy and Thomas Tallis
The Sixteen/HarryChristophers, cond.

LINN CKD 118 (F) (DDD)  TT:  59:54

Record companies have long been capitalizing on the "best of" re-releases which highlight endless "superstars" from Caruso to Pavarotti, the theory being that although CD sales might have been brisk the first time around, they'll be even better given today's super-sound settings.  Though not "superstars" except to early music buffs, the fine vocal ensemble The Sixteen under Harry Christophers is joining the "best of" parade with this recent CD titled "A Choral Pilgrimage" containing 8 a cappella choral works taken from 6 previously issued discs.

Especially noteworthy is In manus tuas by John Sheppard for male voices, which challenges and surprises the listener with its unprepared dissonances and sudden resolutions.  Equally memorable is the meditative Iustorum animae by William Byrd.  Imaginative 4-part writing for SSAA invigorates Shepard's Libera nos.

Excellence of blend, diction, dynamic variation and vocal technique as always characterizes The Sixteen.  Recorded sound varies from church to church -- the best being achieved in St. Jude's Church in the London suburb of Hampstead Garden. 

 Highly recommended as a sampler of the artistry of this superb vocal ensemble.

K.S. (Nov. 2000)