ROBERT RIVKIN (R.H.R) is another rank amateur and humbly proud of it. He
neither plays an instrument well nor sings well. He therefore feels that he
understands performance from a unique perspective and is fully qualified to
comment on others' efforts. He has been collecting recordings for over 50
years, and has attended live performances in most of Western Europe,
Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, and the US, where he
makes his home in his birth place of Baltimore. Depending on the given year
he may be teaching courses in French, Impressionist Art, or French Opera, or
taking courses in making mosaics and stained glass. In his semi-retirement
he currently teaches Latin at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
For several years he has carefully resisted R.E.B.'s and K.M.s cajoling to
write reviews, preferring to offer copious technical assistance to's web master. He still cannot figure out how he got
duped into starting to produce reviews here, but contributes happily.