ORFF:  Carmina Burana
Hei-Kyung Hong, sop; Stanford Olsen, tenor; Earle Patriarco, bar; Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus/Donald Runnicles, cond.
TELARC SACD 60575 TT:  59:42
(5.1 channel)
Telarc has two SACD issues of the Atlanta Symphony playing Orff's popular cantata, but only this one is multi-channel.   As a performance, I prefer the earlier version with the late Robert Shaw, who also had superior soloists (which has been issued on stereo SACD sounding better than ever).  This new recording has the benefit of extra channels, there's plenty of impact in percussion, but a lack of warmth.
DEBUSSY:  Ibéria.  TURINA:  Danzas Fantàsticas, Op. 22.  Sinfonia Sevillana, Op. 23.  La Procesión del Rocio, Op. 9
Cincinnati Symphony Orch/Jesus López-Cobos, cond.
TELARC SACD 60574  TT:  64:24
(5.1 channel)
The multiple channels help spread the sound out, but López-Cobos's interpretations miss the magic of the scores.  "Fragrances of the Night" from Ibéria is decidedly unscentful.   Percussion throughout is conveyed admirably - but Cincinnati Symphony doesn't have the lush strings essential for this music.  Percussion is vividly displayed as we have come to expect from Telarc.