LOUIS R. MILLS has been an avid collector of classical recordings for over 50 years. He co-founded Flite Three Recordings in 1958 where he made countless recordings of all types and over 20,000 commercials. Flite Three was the first studio in the Mid-Atlantic States constructed to record in stereo. Mills started to experiment with stereo while in high school in Houston, Texas. He attended Rice University and graduated from Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Electrical Engineering Louis made his first classical recordings in 1958 with the legendary Charles Gerhardt, who was a friend and advisor. Dominion Records was one of Louis' early labels. Flight Three became one of the largest recording studios and motion picture sound stages on the East Coast. In addition to music and commercials, Mills recorded the ADR sound (looping) for dozens of television series including Homicide, Life on the Streets and The Wire for HBO, Die Hard with a Vengeance, and many other major films. For 17 years he made recordings with the Baltimore Symjphony Orchestra. Louis now works with his new studio, Verve Broadcasting Design in Hunt Valley, Maryland, where he records specia projects, music, and commercials.