Howard Ferstler got his electronics training in the USAF in the '60's, serving as a B-52 technician after his technical schooling. After leaving the service in 1965, he attended Florida State University where he now works. Audio always has been of prime interest to him and he always been in touch with developments in the field. Over the years he has known many audio-industry notables, some of whom have made breakthrough contributions to the science of recorded sound.  Ferstler published his first article in High Fidelity Magazine  in 1975, and went on to publish additional articles in Stereo Review, Fanfare, Audio Magazine, The American Record Guide, and Consumer Digest. He continues to publish material regularly in The Audiophile Voice and The Sensible Sound, and has written more than 120 commentaries, product reviews and record reviews. In 1991, McFarland published Howard's first consumer-oriented audio/video book, High Fidelity AudioVideo Systems, and in 1994, they published a second, High Definition Compact Disc Recordings, which was a compendium of record reviews that concentrated on sound quality. In1997 Schirmer Books published his second consumer-oriented audio/video book, The Home Theater Companion, and in 1999, A-R Editions published The Digital Audio Music List, his second compendium of sound-quality oriented record reviews.  Recently Ferstler helped with editing and writing work on the upcoming new edition of The Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound, scheduled to be published by Routledge in 2003. Howard lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife and three cats.