LJUBA WELITSCH - BULGARIAN DYNAMO - An appreciation of the life and career of the legendary soprano who first sang Salome in 1943 with Strauss conduting and continued with an international career. Many anecdotes and photographs.

A multiple disk set (13 SACDs abd 1 DVD) of live performances by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra condu conducted by Maiss Jansons, 1990 - 2004 (RCOA LIVE)

Capsule reviews of more than twenty DVD Audio multi-channel recordings giving essential information about number of channels, DVD numbers, etc.

RICHARD STRAUSS' SALOME ... history of the opera and a survey of more dozens of recordings, from the first acoustics to the many complete recordings, including historic live performances by Ljuba Welitsch, Maria Cebotari, Christel Goltz, Leonie Rysanek and many others - plus a survey of recordings of the final scene, and videos......and some previously unpublished photos of the finest Salome of all—Ljuba Welitsch.

A survey of many recordings of Richard Strauss' ELEKTRA including performances by some of the greatest interpreters of the role:  Birgit Nilsson, Inge Borkh, Astrid Varnay, Hildegard Behrens, Rose Pauly and Christel Goltz—and DVD versions as well..

A detailed explanation of surround sound and the three primary multichannel  formats: SACD, DVDA and DTS - equipment involved, how to arrange speakers, how to play the disks and how to understand terminology.
A multiple-CD issue of live concert performances and commercial recordings by WILLEM MENGELBERG and the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, produced by Hubert Wendel

An interview with pianist ARCADI VOLODOS when he was in Baltimore in mid-March 2001 to play Prokofiev's Second Piano Concerto with the Baltimore Symphony

A feature article on the life of British composer SIR MALCOLM ARNOLD and recordings of his music

WILLEM MENGELBERG - A 10-CD set of "The Live Concertgebouw Radio Recordings" with distinguished guest artists, plus a DVD recorded in France

An 11-CD set of live performances (1935/1958) of EDUARD VAN BEINUM and the Concertgebouw Orchestra, plus a DVD of Beethoven's Eroica filmed in 1957

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC AMERICAN ALBUM - ROGER DETTMER reviews  this huge set of live performances of American music with various conductors

CHARLES GERHARDT - Bob Benson reflects on his long friendship with the late American conductor/arranger/producer

Bob Benson takes a comprehensive look at RCA's CLASSIC FILM SCORES  and other film music recordings with Charles Gerhardt and the National Philharmonic

SCRIABIN's POEM OF ECSTASY — A survey of recorded performances; this sensuous symphonic poem has yet to receive its definitive recording.

ILYA MUROMETZ -- Reinhold Glière's monumental Symphony No. 3.... The music and its recordings over the years.

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC - "THE HISTORIC BROADCASTS - 1923 - 1987"  ROGER DETTMER comments on this huge set of live performances.

"A PORTRAIT OF EDUARD VAN BEINUM" including a complete discography

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC—THE MAHLER BROADCASTS - 1948 - 1982  ROGER DETTMER reviews this major set of live Mahler performances.

Bob Benson surveys  THE HISTORY OF RECORDING IN THE CONCERTGEBOUW from 1926 to the present time

BERNARD HAITINK - 70th BIRTHDAY COMMEMORATIVE SET -- Live Performances of a wide variety of music performed with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

An article on Dolby Digital vs. Digital Sound/Theater Sound, and some DVD Audio reviews, written by Howard Ferstler

RCA's multi-CD set of all of their recordings by pianist WILLIAM  KAPELL reviewed by Bob Benson