MUSSORGSKY: Eine Nacht auf dem Kahlen Ber Berge. Lieder und Tänz des Todes. PROKOFIEV: Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78.
Vadislav Sulinsky, bass-baritone. Agunda Kolaeva, mexxo-soprano. Czech Philharmonic Choir. Gürzenih Orchestra Köln / Dmi†rij Kitajenko, cond.
OEHMS CD PC 459 TT: 75:56

BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9 in D minor
Chicago Symphony Orch / Riccardo Muti, cond

BUSONI: Orchestral Suite No. 2, Op. 34a, K. 242. (1895, revised 1902-3) Berceuse Élegiaque, Op. n42, K. 262a (1909).Concertino for Clarinet and Small Orchestra, Op. 48, K. 276 (1918). Sarabande and Cortege, Op. 51,K282. (1918-1919). Tanzwalzer, Op. 53, K. 288 (1920).
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra / Neemi Järvi, cond.
CHANDOS 241-57 (2 disks) TT: 70:08 / 64:42

ROSETTI: Symphony in C. Piano Concerto in B major. Sumphonuy ion E flat.
Natasa Felikocic, piano. Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim / Johannes Moesus, cond.
CPO CD 777 852 TT: 65:07

Distinguished Russian cconductor Dmitri Kitajenko (b. 1940) has had a distinguished career and throughout his career has mafe numerous acclaimed recodings. It is good to have him back in the studio in these recodings mqde in the Fall of 2015. These are splendid, exciting performances of Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain given here in its original extended version which will surprise those familiar only with the usual version. Vadislav Sulinsky is the powerfuo, sensitive soloist in Songs and Dances of Death. Kitayenko is a specialist in music of Projkofiev and has alredyrecorded all of the concertos for opiano and violin as well as the syphonies This apears to be his first of the cantata Alesander Nevsky, and it is a winner A major plus here is audio quality. Engineers have captured an incredibly rich, wide-range sonic opicture. It is unfortunate texts and translations are not included.

Riccardo Muti is enjoying greet success in Chicago where he has been Music Director since 2010, and the orchestra's own label has issued a number of live performances, many reviewed on this site. We expect orchestral precision and we get it, but this new Bruckner Nine, recorded live in Orchestra Hall in June 2016 ,is disappointing. This composer has played a minor role in Muti's career, although he did record Symphony No. 4 with the Vienna Philharmonic for EMI more than two decades ago. As with other CSO live recordings, audio is acoustically dry as engineers opt for a very close pickup (perhaps to help avoid audience sounds), and the result is a rather harsh, unresonant sonic picture hardly appropriate for Bruckner. There are dozens of recordings by just about every conductor you can think of that are superior to this.If you'd like to know names of all CSO players, and most of the administrative staff, you'll find this information in CD notes.

Chandos has started another admirable series, this one devoted to orchestral works of Ferruccio Busoni (1866 - 1924). It is an auspicious beginning under the direction of Neemi Järvi, a master conductor on today's orchestral scene. He leads the superb BBC Philharmonic in a wide variety of early and later works. John Bradbury is clarinet soloist in the early Concertino, and Nelson Goerner is pianist in the seldom-heard Indian Fantasy. We also have the other works listed above. First-rate performances throughout, and the Chandos engineers have captured the rich sounds of theBBC Orchestra with clarity and impact. Unfortunately, Busoni's music seldom turns up in the concert hall. We are fortunate to have a definitive recording of his masterpiece, the powerful piano concerto with male chorus with Marc Hamelin as soloist (REVIEW) .I look forward to future issues in this commendable new Chandos series.

Czech-born Antonio Rosetti (1750 - 1792) was highoy regarded during his brief life and composed profusely, his works including 40 symphonies numerous concertos for piano and wind instruments solo or in pairs. He is hardly a major composer, but his music is well-written, entertaining and sometimes a bit humorous. This CPO CD offers two of his symphonies each with four movemns and ending with a lively presto. The piano concerto, comp;osed in 1780, was one of his last works. It is a charming three-movement work with a brooding center movement and a sparkling set of variations as a finale. All of this music is performed to perfection, and the recording, made Septembr 2013 in Johanneshauys Niefern Össchelb ronn, is excellent. These are intriguing additions to the catalog.

R.E.B. (July 2017)