PEJACEVIC: Piano Concerto im G minor, Op. 22. Symphony in F-sharpminor, Op. 41.
Peter Donohoe, piano. BBC Symphony Orchestra / Sakari Oramo, cond.

PAPADIMITROU: Piano Concerto No.1. Incompleteness. Pollock. Minature Suite Dreams Errants.
TitosGouvellis, piano. Athens State Orchestra /George Petrou, cond.
MDG SACD 901 2220 TT: 66:33

DOWLAND: Prelude. A Fancy. The Frog Called. Farewell. A Fancyt. Queen Elisabeth, Her Galliard. Forlorn Hope Fancty. The Earl of Derby, His Galliard. Loth to Depart. Can She Excuse. Solus Cum Sola. Sir John Smith His Almain. Orlando Sleepeth. Lady Hunsdon's Puffe. Semper Dowland Semper Dolebs. The King of Denmark, GHis Gailliard. A Fantasie Piper's Pavan. A Fancy. Lachrimae. Gailliard to Lachrimas.
Jonas Nordberg, lute
BIS ACD 2627 TT; 72:14

Croatian composer Maria Theodora (Dora) Pejacevic (1885 - 1923) was born into an aristocratic family. Beginning early in her life she composed shorter piano pieces and soon went on to large-scale;e forms, two of which are heard on this new disk, Piano Concerto No. 1 written in 1913. and Symphony Op. 41 which after several revisions was premiered in 1920. The Piano Concerto lasts about 29 minutes, has three movements, and is a charming work with an elaborate solo part. The Symphony has four movements, an admirable attempt written just three years before her untimely death. Performances are superb and the recording was made December 2021 in Phoenix Concert Hall, Fairfield Halls, Croydon. First-class audio, and worthy music that will be new to most listeners.

Greek-American composer Dimirtius Papadimitriou (b. 1959) is featured on this SACD that offers four of his works, alll commissioned by Onassis Stegi. he major work is a three-movement lerngthy (37;02) piano concrerto. We also have Incompleteness, Pollock (an extract from Painting Soundtracks), and four excerpts fom the Smphonc Miniature Suite (Two Sparkling Bicycles, RopeWalkers, Fortune Teller and White Nights.) The composer describes humself as Alexandrian - Greek born amd raised in Aeandria (Egypt. for four generations before coming back to Greece. His music shows the influence particularly of Jews, Africans and Arabs. The composer provides progtam notes describing each work and his approach to music and orchestration. IT it is a rather ramlingh discourse that describes his music in a somewhat uncear fashion. Titos Goulevis is soloist in the concerto with the Athens State Orchestra direted byGeorge Petrouy and the recordings were made February 4-6, 2021 m PmassosStegi, Athens. Audio is excellent multi-channel.

Famous lutenist John Nordberg alredy has made a number of fine recordings of varied repertory for BIS, and here he offers s a gentle disk of short pieces by John Dowland. The recordings were made March 2021 in Swedem's Duvbo Church, and the BIS engineers have captured the delicate sounds with remarka le clarity.

R.E.B. (June 2022)