BARTOK: Music forStrings Percussion and Ceeste. Concero for Orchestra.
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra / Susanna Mälkki, cond.
BIS SACD 2378 TT: 69:09

SCHUBERT: Octet in F, D.803
Wigmore Soloists
BIS SACD 2597 TT:61:52

FAGERLUND: Oceano for Violin, Vioila and Cello. Fuel - Six miniatures for Clarinet, Cello and Piano Transient Light for Horn, Violin, Cello and Piano. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano. Scherzic for Viola and Cello. .String Quartet No. 1 "Verso L'Interno.
Meta 4
BIS SACD 2324 TT: 70:33

The Helsinki Philharmonic and its muusic director, Susanna MUalkki have a Bartok series on BIS. Already they have issued adisk of The Wooden Prince and The Miraculous Mandolin(BIS 2328) smd Bluebeard's Castle (BIS 2385). They continue now with two more major works, Music for Strings, Perussion and Celeste and the Concerto for Orchestra. ¹hese are fine performances, but I was disappointed in the audio. Recordings were made June 2018 and Mauy 2019 in Finland's' Helsinki Music Center. Although this is a SACD, for whatever reason, engineers have provided a fine stereo image but little use is made of rear speakers. There are countless reordings of this musi that are more satisfying from an audio standpoint, particularly the amazing Boulez New York Philharmonic performanes now issued in the remarkable origina quadraphoni audio - Concerto for Orcheatr / Mandarin (REVIEW) and Wooden Prince / Dance Suite (REVIEW)

The chamber ensemble Wigmore Soloists was formed in 2020 and consists of outstanding artists who often perform in London's famous Wigmore Hall. On this recording the group features violinists Isabelle van Kuelen and Benjamin Gilmore, violins; Timothy Ridout, viola, Kristina Blaumane, cello, Tim Gibbs, double bass, Michael Collins, clarinet, Robin O'Neill, bassoon, and Alberto Menendez Escribano, horn. The recording was made December11 - 13, 2020. in the warm acoustics of Wigmore Hall. The BIS engineers have captured a detailed multi-channel re presentation of the eight instruments with a natural audio perspective. With such sterling soloists, one expects perfection and here it is. Recommended!

BIS is to be commended for recording works of Finnish composer Sebastian Fagerlund. This site praised their recordings of major works: Höstsonateen - Autumn Sonata (REVIEW) and Drifts for Orchestra. Stonework for Orchestra. Transit, Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra. (REVIEW). Now they turn their attention to chamber works listed above. All of these were composed 2007 - 2013 .Program notes point out that "much of this music is ivigorated by machine-like textures, against which the longer-lined material is reflected." This is challenging music for both performers and listeners. Kimmo Korhonen's fine CD notes describe each work in detail. We surely can assume performances are authoritative. Performers are violinists Antti Tikkamen and Minna Pensola, Atte Kilpeläinen, viola, Tomas Djupsjobacka, cello, Christoffer Sundqvist, clarinet, Paavali Jumpopanen, piano and Hervé Joulain, horn. The recording, made in Finnish concert halls 2019, accurately reproduces all of the dissonance of the scores.

R.E.B. ()ctober 2021)