SHAPERO: Sinfonia in G minor (1948). Credo for Orchestra (1955). Partita in G for Piano and Small Orhestra (1960), On Green Mountain for Jazz Ensemble (1957). Serenade in D for String Orchestra (1945)Vivian Choi, piano. Bston Modern Orchestra Prioject / Gi Rose, cond
BMOP SACD 1072 TT: 83:30

BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 1 in C, Op. 15. Piano Concerto No 2 in B flat, Oo 19. Piano Concerto No 3 in C minor, Op. 37. Piano Concerto Nol 4 in G, Op. 58. Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat, Op 2 Emperor. Quintet for Piano and Winds, Op. 16.
Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, pianist-conductor / Swedish Chamb er Orchestra
CHANDOS SACD 5273 (3 disks) TT: 62:21 / 65:27 / 36:15

AHO: Sieidi (Concerto firr Solo Percussion and Orchestra). Symphony No. 5.
Colin Currie, percussion. Lahti Symphny Orchestra / Dima Slobideniouk, cond.
BIS SACD 2336 TT: 61:08

BIS is to be commended for their many recodings of music oE Kalevi Aho, one of Finland's major composers. This site has praised many of his reordings including the remarabe Stmphony No. 12 (REVIEW), works featuring the oboe (REVIEW), organ music (REVIEW), and music ifor piano (REVIEW). This latest release features two works. Of particar imortance is the percussion concertocomposed in 2010 for famed percussionist olin /currie which waas premiered in 2012 with the Lodon Philharmonic directed by Osmo Vänska. There are six setiosections to this 36-mnute concerto. The title Sieidi is in the language of of the Sá mi, an indigenous Finno-Ugric people living in small minorities of the northern part of Finland, discussed by Aho in his program notes. . There are only , Debussy and Mozart. nine perussion instruments including djembe, membranophones, tam-tam, tom-toms, snare drum, five-octavve marimba, , wood blocks, temple blocks, and and vibraphone. It gives Colin Currie plenty of opoportunity to create varied worlds of sound. Aho describes his 24-miute Symphony No 5, composed 1975-1976, s a incoherence of our existence." There are four sections. It has many contrasting explosive interludes but i find it far less interesting than his Symphony No. 12 recently praised on this site. This is an important addition to the catalog.

French pianist Jean-Effram Bavouzet (b. 1962) has enjoyed a successful career over the years and won first prize in the Beethoven International Piano Competition in Cologne in 1986. he has made numerous recordings for Chandos in a wide range of repertory including works of Bartok, List, Grieg, Prokofiev (all five concertos), Stravinsky, Ravel,, Debussy (complete piano music) and Mozart. He has recorded all of Beethoven sonatas and now he turns his attention to the piano concertos along with the Quintet in E flat, Op 16. He also conducts the Swedish CHamber Orchestra. Other soloists in the Quintet are first-desk players of the orchestra. Recordings were made November 2018 in Sweden's Musikhögskolan Örebro universitet, and the multi-channel sound is exemplary. A fine release un every way. A 64-page booklet contains profuse program notes and many photos. A fine release un every

American composer Harold Shapero (1920 - 2015) was considered to be a Neo-Classical composer. He studied with Paul Hindemith, Ernst Krenek, Walter Piston and Nadia Boulanger He was a founding professor of the music department at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA., respected as a teacher. Shapero was not a prolific composer but he did win the Prix de Rome (1941) and Guggenheim Fellowships (1947, 1948), to mention a few of his awards. He was not a prolific composer Perhaps his best-known work is his Symphony for Classical Orchestra written in 1947 and recorded in 1953 by Leonard Bernstein. Little of his music has otherwise been recorded so for the enterprising listener we have this disk of what appear to be premiere recordings of the works listed abovw. Most interesting of al is the Partite for Piano and Small Orchestra, but there are no hidden treasures here. The BMOP Orchestra under Gil Rose's firm direction does what can be done for this music The recording was mademade 2014-2015 and audio is excellent.

R.E.B. (September 2020)