BOYLE: Overture for Orchestra. Violin Concerto. Sym[hony No. 1 "Glencree" (In the Wicklow Hills). Wildgeese: Sketch for Small Orchestra, PPsalm for Cello and Orchestra. A Sea Poem: ¹heme, variations and finale for orchestra.. Colin Clout (A Pastoral after Spencer's The Shepherd's Calender.
Benjamion Baker, violin. Nadege Rochat, cello. BBC Concert Orchestra /Roland Corp, cond.
EPOCH SACD CDLX 7352 TT: 83:53

DOMENICO GABRIELLI: Canon for Two Cellos. 7 Ricercari for Cello solo. 2 Soatas for Cello and basso continuo. ALESSANDRO SCARLETTI: Three sonatas for Cello and basso continuo.
Guadalupe Lopez Iniguez, baroque cello. Continuo Group

ONSLOW: Quintet, Op. 81. Sextet, Op. 30.
Ma'alot Quintet
MDG SACD 903 2012 TT: 56:02

Irish composer Ina Boyle (1889 - 1967) studied for some years with Vaughan Williams. Her music has for the most part been neglected, which is unfortunate. This enterprising SACD offers fine performance of varied works, all world premiere recordings. . A Sea Piem dates from 1919. Colin Clout was written two years later, the Glencoe Symphony from 1924-1927, the violin cncerto 1932 - 1935, the Overture 1933 - 1934, Psalm from 1927, and one of her final works, Wildgeese dates from 1942. Her music is consistently lovely and obviously she understands the art of composition. Unfortunately while there is beauty in her music, there is little substance. Doyle seems particularly interested in the cello: her Psalm for Cello and Orchestra is lovely indeed, the the instrument also is heard prominently in Wildgeese, a brief piece with a title that has little to do with the music, Excellent performances throughout, and the engineers have provided ecellent audio in these recordings made October 2017. Thanks to Epoch for providing the opportunity to hear this music!

ALBA has an unusual disk that supposedly contains all of the works for cello by Domenico Gabrielli and Alessandro Scarlatti. The two were contemporaries (Gabrielli 1659 - 1690), A. Scarlatti (1669 - 1725). Spanish master cellist Guadalupe López Íñiguez decided to focus on early baroque performance style using authentic instruments of the era. In this, her first recording, she is joined by a group of Finland's finest baroque artists:, Markku Luolajan- Mikkola (baroque cello), Olli Hyyrynen (baroque guitar) and Lauri Honkavirta (Flemish harpsichord). Program notes give detailed information about the instruments and their history. They produce lovely sounds quite removed from the richness of modern instruments. For cello buffs, this is a treasure. Audio is excellent. Incidentally, the baroque guitarist's name, Hyyrynen is the only short word other than "stzygy"I know of that contains 3 "ys."

George Onslow (1784 - 1853) was a French composer of British descent. He wrote a prodigious amoiunt of chamber music 36 string quintets, 34 string quintets, as well as numerous works for trios and solo instruments. On this CD we have the opportuniuty to hear two of his five works for winds, e Qjintet ub F, Op. 81 for flute, oboe, clarinet, hon and bssoon, and the Sexet in E flat for piano, flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon and double-bass. , Op. 30. Although moderately recognized during his time, Onslow's music has been described as "unrtemarkable though competent." The excellent Ma'alot Quintet aided by pianist pianist Markus Becker and double-bassist Nabil Shgehata, play both works in spirited fashion The recordings were made January 2017 in the Abtei Marienmünster Concert Hall, and as usual MDG has provided a very na†ural sonic picture.

R.E.B. (May 2018)