ELGAR: Arr de Ballet (1881).Sevelliana, Op. 7 (1884). Salut d'Amour, Op. 12 (1888). Three Bavarian Dances, Op. 27 (1896). Minuet, Op. 21` (1897). Chanson de Nuit, Op. 15 No. 1 (1897). Chanson de Marin, Op. 15 No. 2 (1899). Serenade Lyrique - Melodie (1899). Three Characteristic Pieces, Op. 10 (1899). May-Song (1901). Canto Popolare (1904). Pleading, Op. 48 (1908). Carissina (1913). Rosemary (1915). Mia (1932). Falstaff - two Interludes.
BBC Concert Orchestra / David Lloyd Jones, cond.
EPOCH SACD CDLX 7354 TT: 80:47

BRAHMS: Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op. 56. Theme and Variations, Op. 18. Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op. 24
Chistoph Schoener, organ
MDG SACD 949 2051 TT: 69:34

STANFORD: Concert Overture. Violin Concerto in D. Piano Concerto in B Flat
Sergey Levitin, violin. Leon McCawley, piano. Royal Northern Sinfonia / Martin Yates, cond.
EPOCH SACD CDLX 7350 TT: 70:06

hroughout his career, Elgar composed numerous miniatures, some of which have become famous. Epoch here offers a fine colllection of many of them in splendid performances by the BBC Concrrt Orchestra direted by David Lloyd Jones. Jones specializes in British music and has made dozens of recordings of this repertory. He leads delightful performances of these miniatures on this well capacity disk. Most of this music began life as a work for solo piano and later was orchestrated by the composer Two works are wold premiere reordings: Air de Ballet and and Introductin to Gavotte.Recordings were made September 18 0 19, 2017 in London't Watford Colosseum, and the production staff headed by Michael J. Dutton provides a totally satisfying sonic experience.

Christopher Schoener already has recorded SACDS of music of Bach and Reger. Now he turns his attention to music of Johannes Brahms transcribed for organ. Lionel Rogg made the arrangement of the familiar Haydn Variatuions, Rachael Laurin arranged the Handel Variations, and the less familiar Theme and Variations after the second movement of Sextet, Op. 18, was by Manuel Gara. The recordings were made September 25 - 27m 2017 on the large organs in Hamburg;s St. Michaels Church. The grand music adapts well to the organ, and I imagine Brahms would have approved his music presented on such a grand scale. All of †he performances are leisurely; †his is one of the slowest renditions of Haydn Variations you'll ever hear. Excellent, satisfying audio.

Another Epoch SACD offers world premiere recordings of three works by Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. Unfortunately, there are no neglected treasures here. The Concert Overture dates from 1870. It is a bright 8-minute piece with a slow beginning and a presto finale. The Violin Concerto also is one of his earliest efforts, composed in 1875. It is large-scale, longer than most concertos for the instrument (38 min) in three movements. Stanford was insecure about the work and assisted by Joachim The concerto didn't have its premiere until 2017 when this recoding was made. The Piano Concerto in B flat is an even earlier work (1873), rather in the style of John Field. All this music surely is pleasant enough, but unmemorable. Soloists violinist Sergey Levitin and pianist Leon McCawley give expert performances with strong support from the British orchestra. Recorded sound is state-of-the-art, not particularly directional, but warm, well-balanced and wide-range.

R.E.B. (May 2017)