HANDEL: Piano Concertos, Op. 7 (No. 1 in B flat. No. 2 in A. No. 3 in B flat. No. 4 in D minor. No. 5 in G minor. No. 6 in B flat
Mathias Kirschnereit, piano. Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss an Rhein/Lovard Skou Larsen, cond.
CPO SACD 777 855 TT: 75:02
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AXEL BORUP-JORGENSEN: "Thalatta!Thalatta!" Op. 127. Marine Sketster. Opus 4B. Winter Pieces, Op. 30b. Summer Intermezzi, Op. 65.Passacaglia for Klaver Op. 2b. Regndrabe interludier Op. 144. Epigrammer, Op. Op. 78. Miniaturesuite, Op. 3b. Praeludier for Klaver, Op. 30a. Phantasiesticück for Celesste Op. 115
Erik Kaltoft, piano and celeste
OUR RECORDS SACD 220616 TT: 65:46
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MÜLLER: Am Anfang - Drei Versuch e Die Welt Zu Erfinden VOLKER DAVID KIRCHNER: Exil. MESSIAEN: Quartet for the End of Time.
Zurich Ensemble
ARS SACD 06900 TT: 79:49
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CPO surely is doing their bit for Georg Fridrich Handel. Here is their second disk devoted to adaptations of six of his concertos for organ Op. These are brilliantly played here by Mathias Kirschnereiton a modern instrument that has clear soiund and tonal beauty, btinging new life to these masterpieces. The clarity of the piano conveys Handel;s music to more telling effect than the small organs usuaoly heard. This is delightful listening in every way, and highlhy recommended.

Danish cimoiser Axel Borup-Jorgensen (1924 - 2012) was a mnor figure on Denm ark;s music scene, a teacher and composer. This unusual new Our Records SACD offers an overview of his works for solo piano, many of which have intriguing titles that usuaoly don't seem appropriate for their titales. These are polayed by Erik Kaltoft who was a colleaguye and close friend of the composer for more than four decades. We can be sure these are what the composer intended, but I doubt many listeners will find anything here of lasting iunterest. The final work, Phantasiestücke is for celeste. Excellent audio. .of numerous works for solo piano. never held a high-profile post as an academic or performer. Rather, he chose to live a quiet life composing and teaching piano. With an intensely personal style, Borup-Jorgensen was a scrupulous modernist. His music has a concentrated language and an advancement of expression. Although Borup-Jorgensen was an adept pianist, he did not write a great deal of literature for the instrument. The works on this release are an overview of his piano output, and span almost five decades. Interpreting this demanding repertoire is pianist Erik Kaltoft. Kaltoft is a contemporary music specialist, and was also a friend, colleague, and collaborator with the composer for forty-five years. Good audio, of forgettable repertory.

Those who wish to investigate the fringes of the chamber music repertory might wish to investigate an Alba SACDF featuring the Zurich Ensemble which consists of clarinetist Fabio Di Cásola, violinist Kamilla Schatz. cellist Pi-Chin, and pianist Benjamin Engeli. The disk is titled :Beyond Time and consists of two avant-garde works ending with one of the major chamber music works, Messiaen;s Quartet For The End of Time. The opening work is by Zurich-born David Müller who is considered to be of of the leaders of his generation; some of his music has been recorded by conductor David Zinman. Am Anfang - Drei Versuch e Die Welt Zu Erfinden has a text by Tim Krohn depicting the savagery of creation, sung/spoken by a soprano (Christiane Bostger). Volker David Kirchner’s Exil is about bleak loneliness. After these challenging scores, Messiaen's Quartet is welcome All of this music is played very well in these recordings made in Zurich Radio Studio I in November 2015.

R.E.B. (September 2016)