"Pri╦res sans paroles"
CONSTANT:  Alleluias.  TOMASI:  Semaine Saint Ó Cuzco.  JOLIVET:  Arioso barocco.  SAUGUET:  Non morietur in aeternum.  JANSEN:  Processional.  SATIE:  La Statue retrouv╚e.  DAMASE:  Trois Pri╦res sans paroles.  HAKIM:  Sonata for Trumpet and Organ.
Hňkan Hardenberger, trumpet; Simon Preston, organ
BIS SACD 1109 TT:  67:30 (5 channel)

Here is a well-filled CD of seldom-heard music for trumpet and organ performed by two virtuosos of their instruments, magnificently recorded. The brilliant sound of the trumpet is a vivid contrast to the organ's rich sonorities. Highlights are Satie's brief (1:22) charming "rediscovered statue," and Hakim's rather jazzy sonata. The splendid organ in Aarhus Cathedral is the largest organ in Denmark with French-built reed stops producing sounds highly appropriate for this repertory  A delightful CD; I'm eager to hear BIS' orchestral multi-channel CDs.
A superb disc


HOLST: The Planets, Op 32
Mozart Choir Linz; Bruckner Orchester Linz/Dennis Russell Davies, cond.
CHESKY SACD 234 TT: 54:38 (5 channel)

Conductor Dennis Russell Davies is known for his vivid interpretations of contemporary music, but his ideas on Holst's big-scale view of seven of the planets are decidedly prosaic. Mars doesn't menace, Uranus has little humor, Neptune lacks mystery. The Linz Orchestra's playing is rather tentative, the sonic picture puts the orchestra in front with a pleasant hall sound. However, bass lacks definition; percussion (particularly in Uranus) is too far back, and the organ lacks solidity. This, unfortunately, is not as successful as Chesky's operatic chorus SACD (REVIEW).