Music of Marienelli, Couperin, Scarlatti, Chopin, Schubert Liszt, Brahms, Elgar, Pierné, Poulenc,Granados, Villa-Lobos, Sangan, Gould, Cherkassky, Gershwin-Wild, Harine & Washington, Trenet & Eiger, Wilder and Barber
Jean-Ueves Thibaudet, piano
DECA 485 2081 TT: 79:09

BRAHMS: Sonata No. 1 in C, Op. 1. Sonata No 2 in F, Op. 2. Rhapsdies, Op. 79.
Garric Ohlsson, piano
HYPERION CD68334 TT: 69:11

PERKO: Music for Elizabeth Chapel. Variatins on Veni Creator Spisitus. Angels - Chaconne for organ. Symphonie breve. Missa O Ecclesia: Communion. Variations on a Hungrian Folk Tune. Tired OOld Nun. Mass fpr Dedocatopn.
SOWERBY: Comes Auumn Time. Pageant. Toccata. March from Suite for Organ;
David Schrader organ
CEDILLE CD CDR 90000204 TT: 79:25 / 79:04

Jean-Yves Thibaudet has made numerous superb recordings including. On this new disc he plays 23 short works by a wide variety of composers. Program notes feature a long discussion with his friend and often collaborator, Renée Fleming in which they discuss each work. Generally the mood is serene although virtuosity is rampant in Pierné;s Concert Etude and A prole do bebe. by Villa-Lobos; Thibaudet shows his sense of humor in Morton Gould's Boogie-Woogie Etude. Recordings were made in Zipper Hall, Colburn School in Los Angeles, and the pianist's beautiful sound has been perfectly captured.

Here is an unusual CD offering organ music by two American composers. separated by almost a century. Leo Sowerby (1895 - 1968) was a well-known organist and composer of the early 20h Century. He received a number of awards and was the first American winner of the Pri de Roma; his Canticle of the Sun won a Pulitzer Price in 1946. He composed two symphonies, chamber music and many woks for the organ. He is mostly forgotten today. On this new disk we have many of his organ woks including a Symphony . Frank Perko is a a contemporary theater organ performer and you can find many videos and information about him on You Tube. This disk offers world premiere recordings of works listed above. Perko wrote program notes for this recording and describes each work in detail. The Perko works wede recorded August 2019 in St. Paul's House of Hope Presbyterian Church, the Sowerby August 2020 in Chicago's St. Ita's Catholic Church. Organist is David Schrader, an established figure on the international organ scene, and we can be certain that this music is plqyed to perfection, It is unfortunate the two organs were not large; there are no grand organ sonorities here. Those infested in organ music surly will wish to investigate this, but this music does not challenge the grandeur of organ woks by Fanck, Widor and many; other composes. The two well-filled diks sell for the price of one.

For his hird disk in his Bhms cycle for Hyperion, pianist Gajrrick Ohlsson offers two seldom-played aly works, Sonatas Nos.1 and 2, far removed from the scope and grtandeur of his lar Sonata No. 3. We also have tje twp P[/ 80 Rhapsodies. Recordings were made November 2019inLondon's All Sain†s' Church, East Finchley, and Ohlsson's sound has been perfectly captured.

R.E.B.(September 2021)