GOETZ: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E flat. Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat, Op. 18. Spring Overture, Op. 15.
Davide Cabassi, piano. Magdeburg Philharmonic Orch/Kimbo Ishii, cond.
NAXOS 8.573327 TT: 69:57

SPOHR: Symphony No. 4 in F,Op. 86 " Die Weihe der Töne." Faust Overture, Op. 60. Kessonda Overture, Op. 63.
Budapest Symphony Orch/Alfred Walter, cond.
NAXOS 8.555.398 TT: 53:22

GARRIDO-LECCA: Andean Folk Dances (1983). Symphonic Tableaux (1980). Peruvian Suite (1986). Laudes II (1994),
Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Miguel Harth-Bedoya, cond.
NAXOS 8.573759 TT: 54:14

Dann Coakwell, tenor. MichaeJ Kelly, baritone. Indianaoolis Children's Choir and Symphoniuc Choir. Indianaopoilis Symphony Orch/Eric Stark, cond.
NAXOS 8.559803 TT: 55:43

German composer Hermann Goetz (1840 - 1876) was highly regarded during his brief life, praised by Gustav Mahler and Felix Weingartner. George Bernard Shaw said he felt Goetz's Symphony in F as superior to any composed by Mendelssohn, Schumann or Brahms—which surely shows the great author's limited musical knowledge as well as his appreciation of fine music. Goetz wrote two symphonies, two operas, two piano concertos and a violin concerto along with vocal and chamber music. This splendid Naxos CD presents the two piano concertos, both of which are delightful, filled with melodic inventiveness and pianist ic display, reminiscent perhaps of Hummel. Both are brilliantly played by Italian pianist Davide Cabassi with strong support from the excellent Magdeburg Philharmonic led by Kimbo Ishii who also assisted in production of this disk. Excellent audio is another plus. Don't miss this budget-priced opportunity to hear worthy music that may be new to you

In their American Classics seriesk, Naxos offers the world premiere recording of a work by Mohammed Farouz. Born in 1985, he studied at the New England Conservatory of Music and at the Curtis Institute, agttracting geat attention. He composes profujsely and has been called "a new artistic voice" on the music scene. He has written four symphonies, some concertos, much vocal music, and several operas. Tihis CD features a large-scale work , the oratorio Zabur (Arabic for "psalms"). This is rather like a f war requiem documenting a conflict's effects on human beings, most notably children. The text is in Arabic and English with a prominent children's chorus, ending ith hope for the future. Zabur was commissioned by the Indianapolis Symphony. They gave the premiere and performed it in Carnegie Hall with the performers listed abobve. This recording was maded April 24, 3025 in Hilbert Circle Theater in Indianapolis. Excellent audio, and complete texts zre provided. This is a major release, a powerful new choral work presented with dedication..The INdianapolis Symphony, founded in 103- and in its early years recorded with then music director Fabian Sevitsky. Other conductors included Izler Solomon, John Nelson, and Raymond Leppard. Since 2011, Krzysztof Urban´ski is Mjsic Director. They habv have not made many recordings since; let us hope this new association with Naxos will provide more.

This site has praised previous reissues in the recent Naxos series (originally they were on Marco Polo) of orchestral works of Louis Spohr (1784 - 1859) including Symphonies 2 and 9 (REVIEW).For more information about this underrated composer, please check that review. In the meantime we now have this new disk in the series containing his large-scale four-movement Symphony No. 4 subtitled "The Consecration of Sound." It is wortty of attention, and the performance is excellent, with fine stereo audio considering that it was recorded almost three dcadesago

Peruvian composer.Celso Garrido-Lecca (b. 1926) incorporates in his music the native sounds of the Andes as well as folk music elements. He is heard in a light mood in world premiere recordings of four of his later works: Danzas populares andinas, a collection of five Andean folk dances: Suite peruana (Peruvian Suite) consisting if five movements; Laudes II which has three movements, and his prize-winningr composition Retablos sinfónicos, a three- movement symphonic suite. The colorful instrumentation sometimes includes tom-tom drums, tenor drum, "crash" cymbals, pandereta, and bongo drums. Spirited music all, very well performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the Fort Worth Symphony (Retablos), directed by Miguel Harth- Bedoya. Excellent audio that vividly captures the unusual orchestral sounds.

R.E.B. (December 2016) .