REDES - The classic 1935 Mexican film with a score by Silvestre Revueltas
NAXOS DVD TT:2:53:52

MOZART: The Maic Flute for Children
Stuttgart Opera Production
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The Fiddler and the Drum, a ballet created by Joni Mitchell
Thbe Alb erta Ballet
C MAJOR DVD TT: 55 min. Bonus: 60:00
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For film buffs this Naxos DVD is essential. We have the famous 1935 film Redes (The Waves) about the dismal life of fishermen who must rely on the sea. The cast is totally unprofessional; this is the way it was. Rede's was produced by master Mexican filmmaker Paul Strand. Co-directors are Fred Zinnemann and Emilio Gomez Muriel. The magnificent score is by Silvestre Revueltas. For this release the entire score is heard in a superb digital recording with the PostClassical Ensemble conducted by Angel Gil-Ordúñez, recorded in May 2014 at the University of Maryland, College Park.k. And there are many special features including fascinating interviews by Joseph Horowitz, who produced this project. An d we also have the complete original film, And this is not an expensive disk. Don't miss it!

There are a number of videos for children of Mozart's The Magic Flute This latest is a an abridged production with music arranged by Alexander Krampe, sets and costumes by Luigi Perego, directed by Ulrich Peter. There are two performances, one in German/English, the other in Japanese. The minimal program notes do not clarify the circumstances. Apparently this was a co-oroduction with Theatre du Jorat located in Mezieres village in Switzerland. Excellent performances throughout, and the simple colorful set works well. Children probably will enjoy this introduction to Mozart's masterpiece. For whatever reason, audio is stereo rather than surround. And don't forget the abridged but more complete ssuperb Flute for children from the Met with James Levine and a magnificent case, mentioned on this site (REVIEW)

Canadian singer, songwriter and painter Joni Mitchell has a huge following. The Fiddler and the Drum is a collaboration between Mitchell and acclaimed choreographer Jean Grand- Maitie of the Alberta Ballet. This ballet "speaks volumes of Joni Mitchell's life-long concerns about environmental neglect and the warring nature of men." The music for the ballet is taken from Mitchell's " profoundly humanistic questions and testimonies expressed by her." Mitchell also designed the set that includes a project image of her latest artwork Green Flag Song. This performance took place in 2007. There are many bonus features: interviews with Mitchell, Jean Grand-M, Mario Rouleau (Director of Filming), Kelley McKinley and Nicole Caron (two dancers), The Cyclops Video, and image galleries of Green Flag Song and the Alberta Ballet. There is no question that the ballet does contain many beautiful and often striking dancing, However, to me, the music of Mitchell is nothing I would want to listen to much less watch danced to. If you enjoy Ms. Mitchell's singing, and a modern ballet based on it, this is for you. For me, it is of limited interest.

R.E.B. (September 2016).