DGG 002457272 (51 disks)

Talk about historic interest for the avid collector! This comprehensive set takes us back to the early days of LP. This deluxe box contains 51 CDs of early recordings by some of the major artists of the time when mono was the norn. Deutsche Gramophone, the famous "yellow label," was a leader in audio and almost all of their recordings were well-balanced mono Their engineering expertise is evident in these post-war recordings. Here are early recordings by major artists of the mid-20th Century, some familiar, but mostly not. And all of these have been remastered from original masters and the result is a feast for the ears.

Here are some of the artists featured:

Adrian Aeschbacher
Stefan Askenase
Shura Cherkassky
Andor Foldes
Monique Haas
Conrad Hansen
Clara Haskill
Ludwig Hoelschet
Wilhelm Kempff
Elly Ney
Sviatoslav Richter
Hans Richter-Haaser

Joanna Marttzy
David Oistrakh
Igor Oistrakh
Wolfgang Schneiderhan

Ludwig Hoelschet
Enrico Mainardi

Josef Zimmermann

Don Cossack Chorus


Karl Böhm
Wilhelm Furtwangler
Ferenc Fricsay
Paul Hindemiuth
Eugen Jochum
Franz Konwitschny
Fritz Lehmann
Ferdinand Leitner
Lorin Maazel
Igor Markevitch
Hans Rosbaud
Kurt Sanderling
Paul van Kempen

Amadeus Quartet
Janacek Quartet
Loewenguth Quartet
Koeckert Quartet

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
Josef Greindl
Tiana Lemnitz
Georgine Von Melinkovic
Maria Stader
Rita Streich
Astrid Varnay
Wolfgang Windgassen


We have some of the first recordings of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Rita Streich, Astrid Varnay, Wilhelm Kempff, Sviatoslav Richter, Eugen Jochum, Ferdinand Lleitner, Llorin Maazel, Shura Cherkassky and Andor Foldes to mention only a few of the major artists of the time.

This set comprehensively explores post-war DG and presents a who’s who of recording artists from the 1950s and 1960s, including Fischer-Dieskau (his debut recording), Hindemith, Kempff and many more. The set contains the first 11 albums ever produced on the 33rpm LP format by DG and 17 of the albums included are on CD for the first time. There are many treasures here including a "bonus." the first Polydor LP.

A handsome 146-page booklet contains complete recording information and numerous photos. Each disk has the original LP cover. This is another super bargaion at a very low price. Get it before it disappears. And thanks, DGG!

For a complete list of repertory and performers, click HERE

R.E.B. (April 2016)